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You’re an expert business owner with years of experience.

All you want is to be safe in your own world, quietly and confidently getting on with serving clients and building a business to support you and those who you care for.

Sales and Marketing turn out to be AWFUL! Totally overwhelming and sleazy (yuk!) so you started to hide behind making pretty social posts – or even doing nothing at all!

Then the global pandemic hit – and either your workload went sky high or down to an all time low.

And all whilst you’re trying to look after yourself and loved ones to keep them safe – and still find and serve clients. Too much all at one time to make any plans or stick to them.

Then out of the woodwork there came so many online ‘coaches’ seemingly offering the answer. Advertising all over social media about creating 6 figure sums with this magic bullet…deep down you know it won’t work but you sign up for the free training or worse pay out multi thousand £ or $ for generic course with content you may have been better reading in a £9.99 book.

You are fed up of this seedy world.

You need someone, a peer, a critical friend, to talk to.

But you really do not want someone who’ll tie you to a never ending coaching program or sell you the equivalent of a £19.99 Udemy course for an ENORMOUS £1999 price tag!

If you’re going to invest hundreds of pounds of hard earned money, you want it to be for your coach to PERSONALLY guide you:

  • Someone who won’t do it for you (making you dependent on them…)
  • Someone who has lived experience
  • Someone outside your own family you can bounce ambitions, dreams and big ideas off without embarrassment
  • Someone to help you on track, keep you steady on this new journey and help you achieve the success you desire and deserve
  • And someone who is actually qualified to offer this help!

If this is ringing true, if I have got you just right – I can help…and we should talk. 

Introducing the Strategy Into Success 121 Executive Program.

My 121 program is for you if…

  • You are an  expert in your field
  • You are regularly making four figure sums monthly with your professional consulting or coaching business.
  • You are ready to grow outside your current network
  • You want to skill up in strategy, marketing and leadership to help you build your business and get into profitable growth.
  • You are failing in taking a strategic view
  • You are stopping yourself from planning for the future
  • You are faffing on busy-ness instead of getting your plans into FOCUS for your busi-ness.

Strategy into success program

My extensive strategic LIVED experience in my career as a professional marketing and sales manager, entrepreneur and coach is shared with you.

When you work with me in the Strategy Into Success 121 Program, I support you to take only those actions you truly need to reach the height of success you desire…

To achieve your dreams, to build your business profitably and sustainably – and to make a difference in the world.
Strategy Into Success Program Explained
In this 6 month program we work closely together so that I can truly support and help you with creating a strategy that sticks. 
The program is delivered online in regular slots, so you can set aside really important time just for you, to work on your business not just in it.
This is carried out in two distinct but interlocking phases.
Before we begin I will carry out a personal assessment of where you are now through a simple survey I created and also a strengths indicator which will help us create a bespoke program to build on those strengths.
We start with a high vibe strategy session for up to half a day online – just you and me with a lot of paper, post its and screen sharing! 
It is all about getting clarity using both cerebral and creative techniques combined to make the most of this initial ‘Creative Strategy Session’.
Within two weeks we will spend up to an hour and a half putting the strategy work we have done together into an action plan – ‘Strategy Into Action’.
Then the Strategy Into Success Program continues for the next 5 months with two ‘Success Sessions’ of  75-90 minutes duration giving you up to 3 hours 121 coaching each month.
Every time we meet we will have an agenda: sometimes it will be to help you build leadership and marketing skills and build on your strengths but at least one session each month will major on the key performance indicators we have put in place to keep you accountable to the plans we made.
It is this combination of strategy, action and accountability which will build the success you deserve.
Strategy Into Success 6 month program is truly transforming and will give you access to a range of valuable additional resources at no additional cost. 
Superb Value
The introductory price for this amazing opportunity for 121 support from me includes a discount of over 1/3 off, at just £2000 (upfront payment in full) or in staged payments of £500 paid upfront plus 5 monthly instalments of £360 (total £2300).
  • If all this program did for you was to get you back on top of your business, wouldn’t it be worth it?
  • If all this program did for you was to share the burden of leadership, wouldn’t it be worth it?
  • If all this program did for you was to save you time, to help you work smarter,  to increase your profits at a lower personal cost to you, wouldn’t ALL THOSE be worth it?  

If you are ready to take your personal and business development to the next level, let’s talk.

Please book a discovery call with me via the button below.

This program is only available by application following a discovery call and I only accept up to 4 Strategy Into Success clients at a time so you may need to place your name on my waiting list.
If you need speedy action or something more specific to you and your needs,  ask about my VIP bespoke and highly responsive coaching and consultancy program, which you will understand comes with a considerably higher price but will be the gold standard that some clients are really keen to secure. Find out more in a discovery call.
If you need an affordable one off session (even just as a taster) see my YOU’RE SO MARKETABLE ACTION SESSION which can be booked at immediately in my courses site.
And if you prefer to work in a group with a little 121 help thrown in, my Academy program is the place to start.
“My mission is to help expert business owners to stop faffing and start focussing through coaching and teaching strategies and action planning to create sustainable and profitable businesses.”
Rachel Bentley, the Small Business Marketing Coach.
So many professional business owners over the past few months have been ready to move forward, just lacked time and energy (especially in a pandemic!) to just go and do it.
There is no better time to accelerate your business than right now
Book a no obligation discovery call now to find out how to apply for the program.

These people worked in a longer term 121 program with me - see what they are saying:

I have been working with Rachel Bentley for over 6 months and to say that her help, support and professional advice has been instrumental in my business’ growth this year would be an understatement. Rachel took the time to really understand my business, where my pain points were and together we work on solutions. Through gentle tweaks she has kept me accountable to my goals this year and has massively helped me in both goal setting and action planning for 2021. I would highly recommend Rachel to any business owner especially if they are looking to grow.

Work 121 With Me


Managing Director

I have had the pleasure of working with Rachel through her ‘She’s SO Marketable’ programme and it has been nothing short of enlightening. I have been taken on a personal journey of marketing self-discovery, and the outcome has been an epiphany which I will relate to time and time again. Rachel is enthusiastic, knowledgeable and an all round people person who brings years of experience into her passion for helping others. I found Rachel at the perfect time in my life when I had a mountain to climb and I certainly reached the top of my work and personal goals. I will come back to Rachel for further coaching at the next stage in my quest for world domination! But for now, I am willing to share her. Rachel is amazing and I would not hesitate in recommending her to friends and work connections Thank you, Rachel

Work 121 With Me


Finance Expert

Rachel was a breath of fresh air when I had started to stagnate in my previous role. She enabled me to think through who and where I wanted to be, map out the steps to get there, and then do it. I already had everything, all the skills and confidence, I needed – but she shone a light on it. It was really fantastic working with a female coach who is particularly focused on equipping other women to achieve great things in business. Rachel was inspirational, I would recommend her wholeheartedly.

Work 121 With Me


Third Sector Senior Manager

Just wanted to give a massive shout out to the lovely Rachel Bentley who has been coaching me for the past few months with my businesses. I started out thinking it would be just a little bit of help organising my time but I have ended up making some big business decisions that I never expected to make but now I feel so excited for the future!! Rachel is so down to earth and lovely but not afraid to tell you what you need to hear.

Work 121 With Me



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