Client Stories

I set my business up at the end of August and was looking for help with my strategy for the coming months and years. I attended the ‘Super Boost Your Strategy’ day at the beginning of December [2020]. Value for money is an understatement! We had loads of resources, Rachel was on hand throughout the day to help me with my strategy. It was done completed via Zoom, so we could help each other out too. I have a clearer direction of where I need to be and want to be and I’m looking forward to putting it all into action.


My session with Rachel was on-point; informative and got me thinking about things I could do for my business which I had dismissed before because I didn’t think they could work for me in the way I wanted. Talking to Rachel gave me the clarity and confidence to follow my intuition but also go outside of my comfort zone in a balanced and realistic way. The follow-up session was great because having implemented many of the strategies we had worked through on the first session, Rachel could tell the difference in my confidence and how my business message was in-line with my passion and skills. I would definitely recommend Rachel.


Rachel is supportive and warm, yet utterly practical! She sees things I haven’t been able to notice and says it in such a way that I can receive it with ease rather than feeling as if I ‘got it wrong’. I can’t recommend her highly enough and certainly feel glad to have her firmly in my corner!


I have just read Rachel’s new ebook Launch Online Today. Wow! I wish I had had this resource 2 years ago when I first tried to launch a business (now closed) but I’m so glad I have it now as I think about relaunching my new venture(s). Easy to read, amusing and refreshingly honest it takes you through not only the technical process of launching online in a day, but the thinking you need to do beforehand. I’ll be recommending it to all my friends about to launch their own business idea (and to those more experienced as I believe we’re never too old to learn something new). Congratulations Rachel a really great resource 👏


Rachel’s wealth of experience and knowledge is essential for any remote team or professional right now. Her varied and successful business background enables her to recommend bespoke remote working solutions which make a difference to your bottom line and style of working.


A lovely determined person who thinks outside the box and is so helpful.

This morning I read Rachel’s new ebook [Launch Online Today] – Wow what a little treasure trove of information! Simple to the point and leaves you wanting to get started! 🌟


Just read Rachel’s ebook [Launch Online Today], very inspiring, looking forward to putting some of her ideas in to practice today……the book is easy to read and very motivating. Thank you


Rachel is just fab, friendly, efficient and thought provoking. Her (first of many hopefully) book [Launch Online Today!] is no exception. Full of practical information in a clear and easy to read format, truly supporting the ability to launch in a day. Now I just need the idea…. though never felt so prepared and confident in my ability to do it!


I have had the pleasure of working with Rachel through her ‘She’s SO Marketable’ programme and it has been nothing short of enlightening. I have been taken on a personal journey of marketing self-discovery, and the outcome has been an epiphany which I will relate to time and time again. Rachel is enthusiastic, knowledgeable and an all round people person who brings years of experience into her passion for helping others. I found Rachel at the perfect time in my life when I had a mountain to climb and I certainly reached the top of my work and personal goals. I will come back to Rachel for further coaching at the next stage in my quest for world domination! But for now, I am willing to share her. Rachel is amazing and I would not hesitate in recommending her to friends and work connections Thank you, Rachel


Rachel was a breath of fresh air when I had started to stagnate in my previous role. She enabled me to think through who and where I wanted to be, map out the steps to get there, and then do it. I already had everything, all the skills and confidence, I needed – but she shone a light on it. It was really fantastic working with a female coach who is particularly focused on equipping other women to achieve great things in business. Rachel was inspirational, I would recommend her wholeheartedly.