Client Stories

I have just completed the Corona Proof your Marketing Challenge with Rachel and it has been amazing! The lockdown has been unprecedented and having to close my business temporarily has brought with it so much fear about how this will affect my business in the short term & possibly the long term. I needed to re focus and re ignite the passion I have for my business in different ways and Rachel has made me open my eyes to new possibilities. Thank you for such an engaging week Rachel 👌I can thoroughly recommend this lovely lady who is so genuine in her approach to helping each individual business reach their goals 💪If you sign up with her you won't be disappointed!☺️


Thoroughly enjoyed the Corona Proof your Marketing Course. Rachel was friendly, approachable and knowledgeable, setting easily achievable tasks each morning. These tasks over the week formed a useful strategy for empowering your marketing in such a turbulent time. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Rachel to you and can't wait to work with her again in the future.


Rachel, thank you so much for this week's course! It's been a great challenge, I've learnt a lot, and will feel such rewards from it, in the future. You've been a fabulous leader!


I have just finished the Launch It Now challenge with Rachel and would thoroughly recommend if you want someone to help you drive your business/marketing forward.She has oodles of experience and was very generous in sharing relevant information with the group. The challenge is a great way to focus on your business rather than just being in the business and then decide what support you might like moving forward.It was refreshing as Rachel gave so much guidance during the week to help us all drive our business forward. Often with these types of challenges, it is just a hard sell and you only get the full details if you sign up for the paid programme.Thank you Rachel for sharing so much of your experience and a great fun week too.


I attended Rachel's ‘Launch it now!' 5 day course and found her approach to be professional, informative yet very easy to follow. She's incredibly personable and really is passionate about her clients success.


I have just spent this week on Rachel's course ‘Corona Proof your Marketing 5 Day Challenge' and it has completely changed how I view my business going forward and has revitalised me completely. Her explanations are so down-to-earth and understandable. I now have a direction of travel, a way of getting there and a clear vision – none of which I had before this course. I would 100% recommend Rachel and this course – but only take the course if you are prepared to put some effort into it, because you will get back so much more than you put in.


Rachel organised a 5 day challenge this week for small businesses and it was the best 5 day business challenge I've done and I've done 2 other ones recently. She really cares about people and gave a lot and she is so good at what she does. Very talented. She's very inspiring and she created an amazing supportive atmosphere within our group. When I want further coaching for my business I won't look elsewhere, I will go to her. I very highly recommend her.


I had the privilege to attend one of Rachel's five-day marketing courses and the value she provided was phenomenal. Her approach is down to earth and she gives a huge amount of value in her groups. Rachel provides real, actionable insights which have clearly originated from experience. With deep knowledge and understanding of her subject matter, she really wants her students to succeed. Rachel is able to explain concepts in an approachable and understandable way and if you don't understand it right away, will explain it a different way to ensure you do have a full grasp of the concept. Many of those on the course were new in business and Rachel's approach is very relaxed and friendly, perfect for those just starting out on their business journey. It is clear that Rachel really loves her subject and really wants her students to succeed. This shows in everything she does.


When your mind isn't quite in the right space to take in everything that is on offer in the Launch It Now free 5-day challenge, the best thing is to sign up immediately to the next challenge. This is what I did. In the days that I took part, I gained valuable information. It's not fair to let a chance go by without saying thank you (publically) for the value added to me personally. Being in business by yourself and for yourself is not easy, so to have somebody like Rachel genuinely interested in you making a success of it … that's huge! Thanks Rachel, see you in the next challenge.


I have been working with Rachel Bentley for over 6 months and to say that her help , support and professional advice has been instrumental in my business' growth this year would be an understatement. Rachel took the time to really understand my business, where my pain points were and together we work on solutions. Through gentle tweaks she has kept me accountable to my goals this year and has massively helped me in both goal setting and action planning for 2021. I would highly recommend Rachel to any business owner especially if they are looking to grow.