Go for It! 10 Sessions of 1:1 Executive and Accountability Business Coaching


  • Looking for some serious Business or Executive Coaching?
  • Need to be kept accountable to your goals, targets and KPIs?
  • Are seeking regular coach contact to keep you driving forward towards your dreams?

You are in the right place.







Just some of the words to describe the advantages of working with an Executive or Accountability Business Coach.

And that does not even BEGIN to describe the benefits.

Think about it this way.

If you achieve your goals this next few months, what does that actually mean for you?

  • Do you get a little more financial freedom?
  • More time with your family?
  • A chance to reinvest in that amazing dream lifestyle business you want to move towards?

Ultimately, to build a scalable business you can run truly as the CEO and not the tea person!?

Together we are stronger.

Together we can do this.

Together is your investment in the best of you.

With this program, you’ll gain motivation and focus, flexibility, and energy and move forward at a pace to suit you. I walk with you and support you all the way.

Flexibility runs through this like a stick of Blackpool Rock. And this is a TRULY flexible arrangement – pay monthly, we contract for a 10 session program  to reserve the price per session at the time you book.

All sessions must be taken within a year and no more than 1 session per week – otherwise it is up to you when we meet (subject to availability).

An hour per week, per fortnight, per month or a combination, we agree what the program will cover and set up a specific coaching program bespoke to you.

Choose weekly, pay for 4 or 5 sessions per month, choose monthly pay for one session per month. It is up to you – you can alter the frequency as you go with my agreement to make this the most flexible arrangement possible.

Whatever you want the agenda to be, that is what it will be.

Shall we see if this totally flexible and effective business coaching is for you? Book a discovery call now.

Why am I unlike so many coaches who tie you in to a contract at the beginning – even though neither of you know what is going to happen, what you will need (or not need!)?

I am different, I am unique – I am me!

Things Happen

Coaching is a moving feast. So are your dreams, aspirations and goals: they may change – your personal circumstances may well change too. Your coaching needs may dis-align with my program and processes. I may feel we have gone as far as we can together.

So I WILL NOT CHAIN YOU to a long agreement…but by booking 10 sessions you make a commitment, you are invested – IN YOU.

And the price per session is held for the duration of the program – 10 sessions or one year whichever is the sooner.

We are in this together, let’s start right together.

Talk to me for more info. Book a discovery call now.

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