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Join the FREE LAUNCH IT NOW! 5 Day Challenge and Go From Faffing Around Making Everything Perfect And Not Selling Anything to Starting to  Profitably Scale Your Business By Learning to Focus All Your Effort and Budget Only on Those People  Who Align with your Values.  




Rachel at home with her right hand girl!

Rachel Bentley the small business marketing coach - mentor of launch it now! CHallenge

I am a highly experienced and effective marketing and sales pro and I now train, coach and mentor traditional marketing techniques which I have rewritten for today’s solo business owner – those professional people who know their own subject inside out (like I do mine!) but struggle with promoting their own wonderful coaching and consulting practice to those people who really need them.

You’re a bit overwhelmed right now, and not sure about having enough time?

It is FINE to be overwhelmed – you are allowed! So I have your back. If you follow the process, it will all be broken down for you in easily manageable daily tasks – allowing you plenty of time for your family commitments and working in your business too.

How much do you want this?

You will find the time if you want it enough – so I start with your heartfelt goals, what you REALLY want from your business and you will be amazed at how this focus can really change how you feel about your business right now.

Thinking there’s a lot of free stuff out there right now? 

Why should you hop onto my free training? I start where other coaches are leaving you with questions. I am totally about getting you an actual result. Not just a load of theory. And you will be supported too – I will be in the group giving you feedback and live every day to give you even more value and catch up with any questions.


Still wondering? If it really isn’t for you then I would love you to recommend to your friends – but unless you are saying you DON’T want to learn how to take immediate action to get your business running profitably and growing then why not give it a go?

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