Academy Program


Less Faff, More Focus For Heart-Led Coaches, Consultants & Course Creators 

All you want to do is help people using your amazing expertise.

You’re fired up, full of enthusiasm ready and raring to go…

You’ve got the experience and the qualifications – you really know your stuff…

You’re determined not to allow anyone or anything get in your way.

Until real life (and a global pandemic) kicks in.

Months of pivots, and a total work/life IMBALANCE, can lead to overwhelm and not knowing what to tackle first to start relaunching after lockdown – never mind how to profitably  grow your business well into the future.

It is tempting to get stuck faffing about, perfect-inating (procrastinating by making things look pretty!) as a way OUT OF doing the more challenging things, like going public with a new service and actual selling something. 

Even if it means NOT helping wonderful clients waiting to work with you and NOT building a sustainable legacy business for you and your loved ones.

Now is NOT the time to DO nothing – now is the time to stop faffing and start focussing.

If you are ready to step up to serve an audience aligned with your values…

If you are ready to invest in your personal development…

If you are ready to get motivated, take action and make a difference…

Then you are ready to join my flagship group program, the Launch and Learn Academy.

Go from faff to focus in 3 easy phases.

The Launch and Learn Academy is a flexible yet structured online course PLUS for the FINAL TIME EVER YOU GET LIFETIME membership of our supportive group. 

Are you in?
I am passionate about sharing the secrets of how to be super efficient and super effective, how to stop faffing and how to get focussed. 

If you are in, I am going to help you to:

What's Included...

To make this really easy to follow, and with a big impact, I have broken my 8 step program into 3 specific training and mentoring phases:

Phase 1: the first three steps all about you, your mindset, your heartfelt goals, your dreams for the future, your personal brand, your uniqueness – and finding you EXACTLY the time you need to work in and on your business.

Phase 2: the next three steps, the filling in the sandwich, the bit that helps you get your amazing service in front of perfect clients who are desperate for you to help them – and gets you the sale without sleaze.

Phase 3: the final two key steps, your custom plan is complete AND you take action – or at least have EVERYTHING in place – to LAUNCH, using free and organic operational methods. Plus I show you how to LEARN from this phase – and how to easily and quickly rework your plan for maximum benefit at minimum hassle over and over.

Let’s break this down

If you join up now you will get:

8 step, transformative, self-led course plus bonus modules to follow at your own pace.
exclusive membership of Launch and Learn Academy Group all included for the life FOR THE FINAL TIME EVER!
regular live tutorials in the group digging deep into sales and marketing topics as well as mindset and personal development.
personal mentoring by me in our group space.
live spotlight 121 coaching available each week to help you with your plans whatever stage you are at.
fun meet up monthly online with a chance to get gentle accountability in the group and share wins and ideas.
free access to my paid services like workshops and strategy sessions.
• AND DRUM ROLL PLEASE unlike most similar programs, YOU GET 30 MINS GOAL SETTING private 121 with me included! 
BONUS if you pay in full upfront you will automatically upgrade to one HOUR of 121 coaching!


Who am I....?

I am Rachel Bentley, the Small Business Marketing Coach and I am a specialist in strategic management, marketing and sales with 33 years experience. I am on a mission to help solo expert business owners like coaches, consultants and course creators to stop faffing and get focussed through teaching my one-page plan technique and working deep on the ONLY marketing and sales activities you really, truly need to easily achieve your heartfelt dreams and goals.
Firm up the foundations of your business, rather than building things out from the middle, then trying to apply learning by a lot of reverse engineering.

I advocate using simple, repeatable launch techniques so that service business owners can stop spending too much time, energy and money on things that simply are not working for them, and instead focus on the things that really will help them get a service in front of clients who'd love to work with them and get paid for doing it.

I began training, mentoring and coaching aged 19 and have helped thousands in my various roles. I won awards for a variety of training and information publications, over many years. I built a myriad of development programs for my clients, and my team members, many who are now leaders in their own fields. I have helped to improve business (and personal) confidence and provided freedom from stress.

All this by using techniques I created using my expertise as a professional marketer which I now teach in bitesized courses and mentored programs to non marketing and sales professionals who run their own smaller businesses. In lockdown I provided free training for hundreds of small business owners and 'accidentally' started my group coaching program, because there is a real need right now for this type of holistic marketing program, yet no-one is offering it.

I support clients to easily achieve four figure launches, quickly building to five figures if that is what they want - but none of the SIX FIGURE LAUNCH BS that some coaches teach. I help clients get a LONG WAY down the business building road in the Launch and Learn Academy Program and for those who want to - and are capable of it - they can apply for a place on my 121 Program to work towards the 6 figures they dream of. (Ask about my Strategy Into Success Program.)

Here's what others are saying...

The biggest changes for me have been being accountable & knowing that I can talk to Rachel about anything is amazing. It has given me drive and motivation to be better and do all of the things I know that I can do.
It has given me a great support group to bounce ideas off and a brilliant marketing coach who understands the challenges. If you are considering joining the Launch and Learn Academy, just do it!

Diane speaks about her experience as a new member of the Academy

For people who are considering the Academy, Rachel really cares about her clients’ success. She is passionate and tenacious and will dig deep to find you the answers you need. If you’d love to have someone like that supporting you and your business, then join now.
The biggest changes have been confidence in making sales and my ability to stick with a launch idea long enough to see real results to get the very first sales on my own grown to 10 members with great plans for the future.
I feel more able to launch a brand new service for my business and confidence in my capacity to deliver a course as an expert in my field.
I was trying to understand what my unique selling point was and how to articulate it. Now I feel more confident in how to market my business more effectively.

Still not sure? More about how it's my 8 step program in detail

8 Steps PLUS FREE ADDITIONAL BONUSES FOR EVERYONE! Free Apps Demos, Residual Income, Spotlight 121 Coaching, New Training Requested By YOU as Co-Creators!

If you can't decide then get in touch TO find out more - message me DIRECT ON SOCIAL MEDIA TO GET THE QUICKEST ACCESS: HERE'S MY LINKS