Solo Professional Services Business Owner? 
Get In Control & Out Of Overwhelm Now

Learn to launch (and relaunch) a unique, sell-out service and gain freedom to achieve a secure future for you, your family and your clients.  

Enrolment is NOW OPEN! Please don’t miss out – this intake closes at 12 noon on Wednesday 19 August 2020.

As 2020 taught us, anything can happen: so how will you future proof YOUR business?

  • "I swing between fear and excitement."
    Are you too scared to plan ahead in case things change one day, then really excited about opportunities you KNOW there are for you and your business in the 'new normal' the next?
    There's a danger you could miss out, but you don't want to take too many risks. Yet, by not taking any action you could be losing ground. The 'playing field' was leveled by COVID19 - if your clients are finding alternative solutions then suddenly you have a mountain to climb UNLESS you start to work out which direction you should take in your business and get out there again.
  • "It is so difficult getting the 'perfect' service out there."
    Do you end up not doing anything at all, in case you fail? Or do you lose focus, offer too many different things all at once, not really solving those problems you know you can for the people who desperately need your help?
    Burying your head in the sand by trying making your service idea completely perfect BUT not launched does you no good and does your prospective client no good either. It sounds worse when you think that you could launch your service 'good enough' and solve everyone's problems! Happy client, money earned, happy you...
  • "I tried traditional marketing, it was heavy on the budget with little or no result!"
    So you did those things you thought you should, like paying for a fancy website design and a bit of advertising, but was it all money down the drain because you had no time to keep up with it all...and to be honest, you don't really understand what works and what doesn't and HATE SELLING?
    It is REALLY important to get ROI (Return on Investment) on ANY business cost and marketing is INFAMOUSLY difficult to track impact against money spent. When customer spending is all over the place in 2020, isn't it really important to get laser focused on the small number of people who can give you the most back - in return for you looking after them like NO-ONE else can? And STOP SELLING! Let's find ways to get perfect customers coming to YOU and then keep them in your world.

Introducing the Launch and Learn Academy connecting solo business owners with perfect clients on repeat

A blend of structured course and an exclusive online mentored group, taking you from overwhelmed with no plan, to in control, thinking ahead.  You discover EXACTLY when, where and how to reach the people you’d LOVE to work with you right now, how to attract them to you WITHOUT sleazy selling and keep them as valuable customers for a lifetime.

Here are some of the things we will achieve for you together in our group:

  • Find answers to your planning, marketing and selling problems TOGETHER, SO THAT you STOP looking for the answers in every webinar and quick fix you come across on social media.
  • Learn new strategies to use in your smaller organisation that are direct descendants of big business marketing to START creating firm foundations in YOUR business so you can secure your future.
  • Focus ONLY on the marketing activity you need to do to pull perfect clients to you, securing valuable sales and building meaningful relationships to keep perfect clients in your world SO THAT you MAKE money, not WASTE it!
  • Free up time to work ON your business (not just in it 24/7/365!) SO THAT you can make a plan, follow it and spend QUALITY TIME with the people you LOVE doing the things together you enjoy.
  • Go from being a LONELYPRENEUR to be welcomed in to the heart of a GROUP SUPPORTING your renewed self-confidence SO THAT you can start to show the world the successful, free spirited entrepreneur that you really are.
  • Launch or relaunch your service GOOD ENOUGH and done' SO THAT you start EARNING from it instead of trying to be 'PERFECT' with nothing to sell, and NO earnings.

This isn’t like any program you’ve seen or experienced before…

If you’ve read this far, you may well be at a time in your business life when you are seeking a change, a transformation in how you think about things, to gain skills and to do things differently. 

I’m sure you’re thinking, ‘you’ve heard it all before’! 

You’re wondering how this transformation could be any different than everything else out there? 

Well, let me share a few things with you…

LAUNCH AND LEARN ACADEMY is like no other program. Not only have I designed this specifically for free spirited solo service business owners, it is firmly based on big business marketing and sales which I have studied (and I am professionally qualified in!) and which I personally worked in over many years as both senior sales manager AND strategic marketing manager before running my own small businesses. 

I found most other programs out there leave you…

  • A bit lost and unsupported: doing everything on your own, leaving you confused, fallen off the track and NOT completing the tasks provided: NO promised transformation, back at square one, problem UN-solved.
  • Tackling just a teeny bit of what you need: it was ONLY mindset coaching OR JUST business mentoring, maybe ONE social media platform, or SIMPLY getting you over sales nerves: you’ve bought ‘magic bullets’ from loads of sources (then found you had to pay more for ‘bonuses’ or for the tech you need to make it work) which are a bit of a waste of time, money and energy you’ve invested.
  • Never following through when you finish the program: all theory, and no practice or accountability: really time consuming, great ideas but not aligned to you and your lifestyle, so you ended up not taking any action and just feeling a bit let down.
  • ACHIEVE WHAT YOU NEVER THOUGHT YOU COULD ACHIEVE: Discover how you can create the right mindset to see things through whatever, so you can achieve your deepest, heartfelt goals.
  • GAIN THE CONFIDENCE IN YOUR OWN ABILITIES WHICH UP TO NOW YOU'VE NEVER HAD: Learn how to find your unique strengths and passions and how to use them to gain new, brilliant clients on repeat.
  • SHOW UP AS THE LEADER YOU REALLY ARE: Reveal how you can take control and end overwhelm by minimising marketing overload, helping you find time in and on your business.
  • BE YOUR WONDERFUL, WILD SELF WHILST BEING ON TOP OF YOUR GAME: Get the right help and support so you can create a custom, doable action plan to build scalable profit into your business and which STILL allows you to tread your own path.
  • EMBRACE WHO YOU ARE NOT JUST WHAT YOU ARE: Find you CAN be yourself (not a manager/ parent/ spouse/ partner/ child/ carer) just BE YOU.
  • CREATE AN AMAZING MONEY MINDSET: Get the skills you need now to improve your income stream, getting into the vibe of success, that it is ok to earn money (not just for you and your family, but because it allows you the freedom to give to others too.)
  • GO FROM BUSY-NESS TO AT THE PINNACLE OF YOUR BUSINESS: Reduce the negative impact you are suffering from too many conflicting priorities - saying no by saying yes - to avoid over communication and over commitment!
  • YOUR OWN TEAM OF CHEERLEADERS TO KEEP YOU GENTLY ACCOUNTABLE: All the support and guidance you need to instantly create better focus and motivation - to see this thing through!
  • CREATE A BUSINESS YOU CAN'T WAIT TO WORK ON EVERY DAY: Look at the WHY of your business, so you can learn to fall in love with it again.
  • SORT OUT YOUR WORK LIFE BALANCE ONCE AND FOR ALL: and maintain the energy you need to balance your health and wellbeing with the stress of running a business.
  • GET ALL THIS ON YOUR OWN TERMS AND IN YOUR OWN TIMESCALE: Succeed by using my PERSONAL 8 step process delivered in an easy to follow at your own pace, modulised course AND supported by me and people just like you in our own private Facebook group exclusive to those members of the Launch and Learn Academy AND ALL AVAILABLE TO YOU FOR LIFE!

what's included?

Launch and Learn Academy includes:
8 modules (updates) and bonuses, access to our supportive online private Facebook Group, my personal mentoring in the group AND weekly group Zoom accountability calls for as long as the Academy exists. At a special price to acknowledge your role as a co-creator in the program.

how much?

This is for an all inclusive, and one-off, opening price of

where TO sign up?

Payment can be made in full (£396) or in 6 monthly payments of £66 pm (at no additional cost) using a valid credit or debit card via the training portal which is hosting the modules for the course content in the group. Click any of the big buttons on this page to get access (or go to RachelBentley.Online and find Launch and Learn Academy).

still not sure? More about how it works...

To make this really easy to follow, and with a big impact, I have broken this program into 3 specific training and mentoring phases:

Phase 1: all about you, your mindset, your heartfelt goals, your dreams for the future, your personal brand, your uniqueness – and finding you EXACTLY the time you need to work in and on your business.

Phase 2: the filling in the sandwich, the bit that helps you get your amazing service in front of perfect clients who are desperate for you to help them – and gets you the sale without sleaze.

Phase 3: your custom plan is complete AND you take action – or at least have EVERYTHING in place – to LAUNCH, using free and organic operational methods. Plus I show you how to LEARN from this phase – and how to easily and quickly rework your plan for maximum benefit at minimum hassle over and over.

And with support from me in the group with pre-records, lives, in discussions and chat, group Zoom Accountability Calls (virtual meetup) to answer questions and help with any problems as a group. It is all about freedom, to be yourself, to serve communities,  to tread your own path, to change things for the better, to change the world, to be an amazing person, to be of service to the world, to help people, to give back…to have a group of practitioners and professionals in a similar business stage and ethos to you – that is magic!

  • Not Perfect, Just You! Goals, Visualisation, Success Mindset, WHY.
  • Timing Your Launch, Finding Time For You, Free Apps Intro.
  • Brand You, Strengths Test, Mission and Values, Unique Strengths and Passions.
  • Perfect Person Profile, Perfect Service, Empathy Map, Value Proposition, The Numbers Game (Inc Pricing).
  • Mission Time, Client Discovery, Messaging and Content Plan, Networks.
  • No Sleaze Selling, Client Focus, Close or Keep Close, CLV, CRM and GDPR ALL Explained!
  • Launch, EVERYTHING Launch! Operations, Plans, Apps, Group Support, Self-Care.
  • Learn, EVERYTHING Learning - What To Do and How To Use It - Monitoring and Control, Data Checklist, And What To Do With It Once You've Got It!
  • BONUSES, Free Apps Demos, Guest Experts, New Trainings As Requested By YOU as Co-Creators - You Ask It We Discover The Answer and Write It In the Program!

Here's what others are saying...

"Rachel is supportive and warm, yet utterly practical! She sees things I haven’t been able to notice and says it in such a way that I can receive it with ease rather than feeling as if I ‘got it wrong’. I can’t recommend her highly enough and certainly feel glad to have her firmly in my corner!"
"I have been taken on a personal journey of marketing self-discovery, and the outcome has been an epiphany which I will relate to time and time again. Rachel is enthusiastic, knowledgeable and an all round people person who brings years of experience into her passion for helping others."
"Rachel was a breath of fresh air when I had started to stagnate...She enabled me to think through who and where I wanted to be, map out the steps to get there, and then do it. Rachel was inspirational. I would recommend her wholeheartedly."
"Rachel got me thinking about things I could do for my business which I dismissed before because I didn’t think they could work...Rachel gave me clarity and go outside my comfort zone in a balanced and realistic way."

Here’s How I know This Will Work For You...

And Because I’m So Confident This Brand New Program WILL Get Your Business Running Profitable I Am Going to Guarantee Your Success.

Put simply – I won’t let you fail.

I am passionate to my core about you getting your ‘win’ from the Academy. I will be there with you every step of the way to make sure you get there and I guarantee you will get your money back in bookings with my help and because you will have lifetime access to the Academy program and the group, so long as you put the work in, we can get this thing done.

"Do or do not - there is no try..."

[Or Be More Yoda…]

You could TRY to do this on your own, but will that really work for you? 

And if you DO NOT do anything, will you feel the same as you do today in another 3 months, 6 months – a year, 5 years from now? 

Will it be WORSE  – let’s face it, we are never sure what life or the world – is going to throw at us, isn’t it better to take some action now so you are in a strong position if the world turns topsy turvy again? 

So, if you are ready to take action, to get some help and support and to DO simply click the button and go through to the info and payment page of the Academy.

Be More Yoda…

And finally….If you don’t know me, I am Rachel Bentley – a specialist in management, marketing and sales with 33 years experience. I have trained, mentored and coached thousands in my various roles, won several awards for a variety of training and information publications and I have created a myriad of development programs for my clients and my teams which have created future leaders in their own fields, improved business (and personal) confidence and provided freedom from stress by using big business techniques I have re-engineered for non marketing and sales professionals. 

If you are ready for this program – join us…if not, make sure you stay in my world because there will come a time when it is right for you…and then we would LOVE to have you.

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