Hi!  I'm Rachel Bentley,

The Small Business Marketing Coach who Gets You…(So You Can Get More Sales Profitably, Ethically and Organically) 

“There’s no such thing as the right marketing,” I said, out loud! I am a fully paid-up, professional, qualified marketing coach and yet – I said that?!
YES! I did – because born out of over 30 years lived experience, professional expertise and Masters level leadership coaching and mentoring qualifications I KNOW that each time we put a marketing strategy together, my client and I will be doing something completely customised to them.
And as I possess a good deal of intuition, and a good dose of downright Yorkshire common sense to boot, I ‘get‘ my clients super quick and move them forward at super fast speed.
Because each PERSON and EACH BUSINESS has their Unique Strengths and Passions (my take on USPs) it is literally IMPOSSIBLE for anyone to guarantee that when they can ‘stick' their ‘system' onto you or your business and it to truly work.
There will ALWAYS be adaptations you will need to work on and MOSTLY solo if you ‘buy' the silver bullet solution as a download, freebie or group training WITHOUT the personal, 1-2-1 support of a professional coach and mentor.
That is where I come in…there are proven techniques which we will choose together, in partnership, purely based on YOU, YOUR goals, YOUR dreams and HOW you'd LOVE to run your business, marketing and sales strategies to suit your personality, strengths and passions.

Here's Why

During my 30 + year career in businesses big and small, I intuitively knew one HUGE thing:

You can’t be motivated if


Aligned with your business.

Aligned with your team.

Aligned with your clients.

(And most importantly…)

Aligned with YOURSELF. 

If your BUSINESS isn’t a positively ALIGNED reflection of YOU… nothing you try will TRULY work.

And for me, if your MARKETING is going to work hard for you, it needs to steer you towards making profitable sales so your business is strong, secure and sustainable. And be an HONEST reflection of you and your vision.

YOUR aligned goals = PROFITABLE aligned clients

Aligned Goals

Aligned Clients

Only When You Have TRUE Alignment…

Can You Create The Fabulous Business You Dream Of…

There is a meandering journey between the goals you set yourself and the clients you attract who will be the most profitable and give you the most joy in your business.

On your personal journey from goals to sales, there is a lot of hard graft – and a vast, dark rabbit hole of marketing methods and ‘systems’ for you to lose yourself in. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be done, and it has to be YOU – out there and helping wonderful clients who are desperate to work with you if only they had the chance.

So stop faffing trying every silver bullet marketing ‘system’ which comes along or making everything pretty: get yourself in the world and let people buy YOU and YOUR service instead. And I am here to make that daunting journey as quick, simple and easy as possible. Because I have the expertise, intuition and motivation to help you do that.

Get Clarity. Get Focus. Get Drive.

And grow your business from vision to valuable.

That is what I help my clients to achieve through 1-2-1 and group coaching, mentoring and training (including hundreds of free training places given away in just the last two, difficult, years…)


Talking to Rachel gave me the clarity and confidence to follow my intuition but also go outside of my comfort zone in a balanced and realistic way. I would definitely recommend Rachel.


Rachel has massively helped me in both goal setting and action planning for the year ahead. I would highly recommend Rachel especially if you are looking to grow.


I have a clearer direction of where I need to be and want to be and I'm looking forward to putting it all into action.


Rachel’s professional attitude, warm and compassionate character and genius mind make her an incredible person to work with, just call her now.


Don't make the mistake of thinking Rachel is just another coach. She's most definitely not! Contact Rachel. You will grow and scale. I have.


Why Work With Me

Do you feel pushed and pulled by everyone else’s idea of what you ‘should’ be doing?

Be you!

You’re likely to be a corporate escapee, a coach or consultant. You don’t want to be crammed in a system which doesn’t suit you.

It is YOUR business, YOUR life – and I help you claim back YOUR vision, YOUR goal, YOUR actions, YOUR success.

That is my passion.

As professional business and marketing coach with big and small business experience, I guide my clients on their path rather than drag them down mine. 

All you want is to achieve your vision, your dreams, whilst maintaining your individuality.

But you are self-aware enough to know you can’t do this on your own. That's where I come in.

We achieve your success together. I support you to find clarity on YOU, YOUR PURPOSE and YOUR GOALS.

To stop faffing and start focusing ONLY on the lean marketing actions you need to get your goals and providing the motivation deep within you to create the drive you need to achieve the first steps towards your big dream goal.  

Find out about 3 ways you can work with me now by clicking the button below:

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