Seeking THE ‘Holy Grail’ of Marketing?

Marketing will NEVER be easy, quick and cheap.

Yet this is the ‘Holy Grail' of marketing so many overstretched expert #businessowners are seeking.

Falling down rabbit holes of FREE frameworks…

… just to find they are a re-jig of something they tried and which did not work for them.

Heading up dead-ends of the FASTEST ways to grow and scale to 7 figures in just 90 days…

…then to realise that the starting point was to already be in mid to high 6 figure turnovers, WAY ahead of where they are now.

Or following that shiny object of FAFF-LESS business….

… and discovering this method needs a SIGNIFICANT investment in time and paying vast amounts for technology and experts to help them run the shebang for them.

If MARKETING were FREE, FAST and FAFF-LESS then we would ALL be selling our products and services with zero friction.

Organisations like the one I belong to – the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) – would not offer excellent professional qualifications to people who have studied hard and proved that they are worthy of CIM certification. And continue to do so through actively engaging in and proving CPD.

And marketing experts like marketing agencies, marketing consultants and #smallbusinessmarketing coaches would never exist.

If you want marketing to be easy, then be prepared to pay for professional help.

Even we marketing professionals will take time – there is no such thing as the ‘right' #marketing which fits all…it simply CANNOT exist. Done professionally, marketing will fit YOU and YOUR business perfectly.

And if you don't want to pay for it then yes, please learn from reputable sources which provide the answers you need – not those you THINK you want to hear. Embed your learning by DOING – and tracking data then analysing results.

That will take time and testing.

Or, continue to seek the Holy Grail.

Good luck with that.

The author, Rachel Bentley, is a Chartered Marketer and Master's Level Leadership Coach and Mentor. She works in private practice as a 121 coach for expert business owners and as an associate mentor for significant national UK organisations.

With over 36 years in high level business roles, as an entrepreneur, serial volunteer and trustee, she has helped thousands through training, coaching and mentoring to upskill so they can grow and scale their businesses with ease.

As a publisher, writer and editor she helped organisations reach their audiences by skillfully taking technical data and melding it into copy which sells, and completely accessible to the lay-people who before it just was not reaching.

Use the contact form to get in touch about working with Rachel.

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