How to Avoid Procrastination, Get it Done Today, Rather Than Regret NOT Doing It Tomorrow

Has anything like this happened to you?

Something you know you meant to do, but didn't, until a triggering incident made you sit up and wake up?

It happened to me – just over a week ago.

Crashing into a wall at speed, propelled by my own feet, I got a head injury.

Proximate cause was me putting up and making do with A LOT of things (all under control, in case you are wondering/worrying, now!)

These pics say it all really.

And after….

What a difference a week (and that bump to the head) makes

A long overdue office refit – with a table I used for art replaced with the longed-for adjustable desk which is perfect for me and my back issues as I can sit and stand (and anything in between lol) and a second set of Kallax storage to match the other side of the room.

Decluttering allows space for mind, body and soul to expand. It takes away a low level of stress – even for someone like me who likes organised chaos.

I AM worth it

Because I suffer stress through chronic conditions I really and truly do not to add to it myself! My bill for the furniture, delivered overnight from IKEA, was reasonable and is a valid business expense.

I accept, more now, that I AM worth it.

Better Done Than Perfect

It has taken all week to build the furniture and organise it between existing commitments and at least one of the boxes is full of assorted ‘filing' (crap) I will need to sort.

But it is 95% done.

Top Tip – Get it Done Today Rather Than Regret NOT Doing It Tomorrow

  • Are you needing to get something done, but you've been putting off
  • Something that will really benefit you?
  • Please don't let even a fairly minor incident make you wish you'd done it before!

Share in the comments if you want to commit to doing something – writing it will help you keep yourself accountable…even if it isn't a big thing, what can you do today to help yourself for a change?

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