Big Girl Pants Making Announcement

Want To Know Why I am Wearing my Big Girl Pants?

When I started to plan out this message, I had A LOT of attempts to get it right.

I was a mix of happy and concerned, with a feeling falling off a sheer cliff edge at the same time.

Have you ever had that excited/scared feeling right in your middle?

You know, that visceral feeling in the heart of you, realising something is right and that making a change isn’t just for the sake of it.

Instead, it’s REAL and RIGHT? That’s me. Ok – let’s do this….Here is the announcement – I am retiring…


I am retiring my SO MARKETABLE 121 Program with effect from the end of AUGUST.

I love it and so do my clients. Yet it is no more…

SO Marketable holds a special place in my heart: it is my original coaching package which I created, working from an upstairs temporary living room in 2019 in the middle of our sort of ‘Ugly House to Lovely House’ (just without George Clarke sadly!)

Here is the low-down:

It will no longer be available in its current format for new clients signing up on or after 1 September.

Sad to say goodbye to this old friend, but it is SO necessary…

I will be serving in a new way to move clients forward at a
ma-hou-sive  pace.

So quick, in fact, it will only take a day…

Because in the times we are in, none of us can afford to stand still, or wait to go through a 90 day (or more) program to get answers we are sorely in need of.

I am truly thankful for SO Marketable – it launched my coaching business and many transformations since – I do feel I got where I am today because of it.

Yet, it is the right decision, right for my audience, right for NOW!

Of course, it is a wistful moment as I retire SO Marketable.

But it isn’t about me…it is about YOU and people like you too.
SO – What does it mean to you right now?

If you had been considering booking in for the SO Marketable 121 program then you still have until the end of August – which, oops – is Wednesday…here is where to find out more

Then that’s it.

Move over SO Marketable and make space for….

Aha, no peeking…it is still under wraps

I will be making a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT soon, so please stay with me on this.

And you will be able to be amongst the first to know…keep reading.

All I CAN say is that it will change things for my future clients who really need immediate solutions (and sometimes need a bit more of a hand than coaching in a long-term program offers.)

So there you are… ‘send’ duly pressed.



Auf Wiedersehen.

Good night…

(Sound of Music song now like a worm in your ear for the rest of the day…)

Thank you for being on this journey with me.

Cheers to wearing Big Girl Pants and doing what we know in our hearts is the right thing to do.

See you on the other side…


PS: If you’d like to be involved in the next chapter, you can join me here.

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