I thought I might fail – but I did it anyway.

This week I realised I could take the short exam to test my knowledge against that of my peers.

The marketing professionals who are leaders or top level consultants.

Then I got that little imposter voice saying – what if…

What if I took it and didn't know the answers?
What if I got the answers wrong?
What if I looked an idiot!?
Well, there is something about being older!

I actually didn't really give a monkeys! I wanted to try it out, wasn't sure what it would entail and the only way to find out was to pull my sleeves up, put on my big girl pants and JDI.

So that is what I did.

I tried the test to become a Chartered Marketer.

And the clock ticked quietly, I read and reread the questions to make sure my brain wasn't racing ahead to the answer I THOUGHT they wanted.

I submitted my answers….

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

TADA! Congratulations, it said, you passed…

Then I read on…



Job Done! When I put myself out there as an expert Small Business Marketing Coach, giving my entrepreneur clients a helping hand, it is reassuring that I have an additional credential AND I can say I got it with a perfect score.


The moral of this story?

Giving something a try, but it DOES NOT work out, that is NOT failing – it is TRIALLING.

And sometimes that trial, is the final run but without the emotional stress.

A lovely surprise instead!

If you are interested in what being a Chartered Marketer entails the link to my ‘badge' is here.

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