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The Day You Say ‘HELL YEAH!’ to Your Business.

IMAGINE – The Day You Say ‘HELL YEAH!' to Your Business.

This day is going to be the best day you ever had. But why does it seem so far away? What has to happen first? Read on and why not share in the comments what your dream ‘HELL YEAH!' day will be?

It's finally here – the day you say ‘Hell yeah!' to your business.

  • The day you've worked your hardest for.
  • The day you've spent sleepless nights thinking about.
  • The day you've got all your ducks in a row and are ready to take on the world.

This day is going to be the best day you ever had.

From the moment you wake up, you'll be excited to get started. You'll have energy and motivation to spare, and you'll be making more money than you ever dreamed of.

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This day is going to be the best day ever because you're finally taking your business to the next level.

So where do you start?

There is no such thing as a typical day in business.

Every day is different, and today is likely to be different to tomorrow. That is the beauty of being a business owner – every day is a new adventure.

(And! Just imagine, your ‘Hell Yeah!' day is going to be the best day you ever had!)

Yet, it might not be the day you get your first sale or sign your first new client.

It’s the day you finally feel like you’re on the right track.

You finally feel like you’re making progress.

You finally feel like your business is going somewhere.

But, before you can say that, you'll be putting in a lot of work.

You'll want to plan your marketing, set up your sales funnel, and figure out your finances.

It's going to take time, it's going to take determination – and it's going to take discipline.

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Discipline of Self

No, this is NOT beating yourself up. Quite the opposite

The first step is to set your goal according to your own and your business purpose.

Next is to create a profitable plan – and stick to it!

That can be through regular and consistent accountability, review and MEANINGFUL reward – giving yourself a little endorphin ‘hit' when you are taking positive steps toward the future.

Discipline of Others

No, not beating anyone ELSE up either!

As a business owner, you have to be careful not to be too complacent and waste your time with people who just want ‘free' consultation.

Free to them but it COSTS you.

This free ‘service' might be to a paid client who just steps over the line constantly – a little additional help here and there might be fine, but it all adds up.

You lose out on your time, your energy and money (from lost opportunities to work with other people who will honour your time and therefore be more profitable).

AND it can leave you feeling a little bit used, dirty – and resentful.

You are WORTH protecting your business boundaries – make them strong – and keep them.

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Right to say NO?

Saying ‘NO' is hard – especially when you're in business and you're working in the service industry – you may feel that it's your responsibility to be available to your clients immediately 24/7/365.

You have a real fear that saying NO will make them angry or upset, make them cancel their contract or not pay you, bad mouth you to others, put a negative review on your socials or other sites to RUIN you and your business.

Guess what!? It doesn't have to be like that.


Saying NO is not only acceptable, but often a necessity.

One of those situations is when your clients are not a good fit for your business style. They are demanding, that is just how they are – there isn't necessarily anything wrong with that.

But YOU have a CHOICE.

A client messages you or leaves a voice mail. Your heart sinks. Another 10 minutes and you can't think about anything else – you end up reaching out to them. That is the ten minutes you panicked and the time it is taking to sort them out whilst actually juggling something else in your schedule.

How about this instead: “I'm really tied up with [another client/a family member/having downtime], so I don't have time to give you the answer right now. I would love you to book 15 minutes in my scheduler so I can give you my full attention, and we will get it sorted then.”

When you're overwhelmed with work, home and trying to juggle everything, feeling a need to focus on the most LOUD client isn't serving you or them.

Saying no to a client is actually saying ‘HELL YEAH!' to you and what YOU want!

Setting and protecting your business boundaries is key to you moving forward to that ‘HELL YEAH!' day.

Give yourself PERMISSION.

You can say no WITHOUT apologising, WITHOUT explaining, WITHOUT complaining (which I believe is a mantra for life in any case, though how many of us achieve it?!)

You hold your precious boundaries and your time becomes more precious to you, your clients and your audience.

Mutual respect.

AND you free yourself up for NEW clients, new experiences, new profit!

The moment you have the courage to set boundaries in your business, the world will start opening up.

The sooner you learn the rudiments of planning, accountability, reward with a spatter of discipline in your business the quicker you will achieve that ‘Hell Yeah!' day!

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