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7 Reasons To Consider Getting Business Coaching

Considering getting business coaching? This is the first of THREE guides to help you discover if business coaching is right for you.

Business coaching is a powerful way to take your small business or freelance project to the next level, but it’s not right for everyone.

Here are seven reasons why hiring a business coach might be the best decision you can make when it comes to marketing your small business.

1. It’s a wise investment of your time, money and energy—especially when you’re trying to grow your business or are working in an unfamiliar area of business. Coaching allows you to clarify what you want (your goals), why you want it (your purpose) and gives you a specific game plan for getting there (your strategy). It also helps you stay on track by keeping tabs on your progress and providing feedback along the way.

2. As I said above, coaching is about more than just strategising about how to reach your goal, it also involves determining your core values and priorities as well as how they align with those of your business.

3. Busy entrepreneurs need help staying motivated and focused, especially during difficult stretches, coaching can help them find new sources of energy that will allow them to keep forging ahead toward their destination rather than settling for good enough because they don't have time to get great results

4. Because it involves regular check-ins, brainstorming sessions and deep dialogue, coaching gives you opportunities to resolve issues faster so they don't end up derailing your efforts down the road.

5. Even if you know exactly where you're going, chances are pretty good that your perspective will shift over time—and having an outside opinion from a coach who's experienced in business growth can be extremely valuable.

6. Hiring a coach is not an admission of failure, weakness or uncertainty. Rather, it's a smart decision made by ambitious people who know they have great potential but need support in creating a clear vision, developing strong habits and fostering healthy relationships with key stakeholders such as customers, employees and partners.

7. Many times people hire coaches whilst they're still building their businesses, other times you'll hire one once your business has gained traction or even become successful. Your needs may change at different stages in your company's development—even between one quarter and another.

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