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Finding Balance in Your Life – The Four Pillars For Success

This morning, I wrote to a prompt for my Morning Pages (See Julia Cameron the Artists Way on the first shelf on my Book Shelf here). The prompt was to think of myself as water. Within very broad, and gentle, writing guides (provided by the marvellous Gayle Johnson's Wordspill Writers Group) I came up with ‘I Am Ocean', a prose poem. In it I play with personal boundaries in an allegory with how we are taking our seas for granted as somewhere to dispose of our rubbish. (See bottom of this issue to read it.)

If you didn't know, Morning Pages are a way to regain the creative part of our inner self.

Creativity and playfulness are a good practice to have in our balanced lives – yet we seem to often fail in using them innovatively in our business part of our life…writing daily is a fab way of letting out ideas onto the page, and I love to use my late father's gold fountain pen and write long hand.

Not just Morning Pages or other creative writing – this is how I write this weekly missive.

Innovation is one of my Four Pillars For Success

Without innovation in business we are doomed to stagnate, like a muddy puddle.

Yet if I asked you, how are you being creative or playful in your business, or indeed your home, life – what would you say?

Yep, loads, or not at all – or somewhere in between with a ‘could do better' rider?

We forget that business in not just work – or it ought not to be in any case. Why do we not prioritise innovation? Or something other than work, to do lists, money….?

Is it because we are too busy following what we THINK and what we are MADE TO BELIEVE is good practice? Or worried about what others might think?

In Linked In how often do you see innovation, creativity or playfulness applauded – or is it too often ‘oh, we don't want to be like Facebook in here' stuffy voice, stuffy voice….!

To help busy business people prioritise a little differently in their work and life, in my Faff2Focus//90 Tracker Journal – also on my Book Shelf (top 40 5* rated!) – I introduced this concept.

The Four Pillars For Success

Imagine a building with four pillars supporting the entire structure.

It isn't hard to see that all 4 pillars are crucial:

  • drop 1 and the rest have to bear more load
  • drop 2 and your world becomes decidedly wobbly
  • drop 3 and the whole thing tumbles down.

It is the same with the balance in your life.

These are the 4 pillars I identify as being those which together can elevate your success, and I am soon launching something to help you find that balance too.

Rachel Bentley The Four Pillars For Success copyright

The Power of 2

Next Wednesday is 2 February. Let's just do that again….Next Wednesday is 2/2/2022…

I love a date like this – a many repeated number. And two can have special significance which I would like to explain…

According to Google search – “In numerology, the number 2 is associated with relationships and partnerships. When you're looking for a partner who can assist you attain your goals, you'll come across it. You'll receive all the aid and direction you need to accomplish your life's goal.”

I would like to point out that is EXACTLY my role in my clients' lives:

My MISSION is to Help Visionary Business Owners Stop Faffing & Start Focusing On Getting Dream Goals Instead

Are YOU looking for that help in your life?


  • In these unbalanced times, do you ever feel there is something not quite right with the balance in your life?
  • Do you wonder how it might affect your ability to perform at your absolute best in your work and life in a balanced way?
  • Would you love to know how you might create a more balanced approach to your business and home lives?

I can SO help!

I have developed FOUR PILLARS FOR SUCCESS for struggling entrepreneurs who want a home life and to put some FUN back into their careers.

I am here to guide you through a very short course of video trainings introducing my Four Pillars For Success with action points you can take forward into you own business and home lives. Actions which will IMMEDIATELY fuel your passion and start your own balanced business life right now.

Sign Up Now to get free access from 2pm (UK time) on 2/2/2022

I asked above, how are you being creative or playful in your business, or indeed your home, life? Let me know in comments if you are already – or feel inspired to take up the pen and get that creative side unleashed…

Just like I have below:

I AM OCEAN by Rachel Bentley

I am Ocean.

Each breath I take is a lap on a sandy, distant shore.

I dance with the Moon every night, as you sleep,

My flowing dress sparkles with waves of shimmering silver,

And sequins of gold and of light from the creatures which adorn me.

I create whirlpools and currents which run warm and deep.

I drive weather systems with my grandeur,

And play with the Air, juggling rain and wind between us.

Why am I Ocean, you ask?

Though you may paddle at my edges,

Or brave my depths,

You see only what you want to see,

You touch only that which surrounds you,

You choose to stumble, and create chaos, 

In the rubbish you give me.

Because you can't deal with it yourself.

And you don't want to face my depths,

My wrath,

My power.

My choice to be beatific,

That is all you want to see.

But I can cause chaos too.

Like the Ocean I can off load too.

I can hurt. 

I can inundate.

I can devastate.

Take heed of my power.

Be gentle with me and I will be gentle with you.

You have been warned. 

Curious about my world?

Take a look at my BRAND NEW website and wander through the ways I can help you get from faff to focus. https://smallbusinessmarketingcoach.net/

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