Stepping Up in your Business in 2022... to Light up Your Audience, Your Clients and the World...

Stepping Up in your Business in 2022… to Light up Your Audience, Your Clients and the World…

You know how sometimes, you have a thing materialise in your head, something that feels like it's been there forever?

Comfortable and familiar…like a pair of M&S knickers.

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A sort of déjà vu…

(Or is it just me?!)

I reckon not! And, I have a real example.

JK Rowling had this with Harry Potter, the character and the plot of her famous books coming “fully formed” into her Jo's head whilst stuck on a train from Manchester to London in 1990. (Maybe that’s why train journeys are so important in the HP World?)

I had one of those thoughts this week.

Unfortunately not a multi million (billion?) dollar one – though, you never know…

Mine was a simple phrase, one which made me feel like it was already real, done, strategic and makes total sense. Stepping up…

Stepping Up

In my head, in my heart, in my soul I know it's the year of Stepping Up – for me, my audience, my clients.

Those who are Stepping Up are my people.

They're fed up with negativity – correction – let's not use fed up: indeed that's a clue.

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This is much more like them:

  • Excited by possibility – and positivity.
  • Totally comfortable with the Stepping Up concept – it's like a seed planted in their minds too.
  • Not absolutely sure how it will manifest itself.
  • Actually, turn that a little…they are 100% sure about is that Stepping Up is NOT manifestation per se, there's a little planning and a bit of effort…
  • It's about showing your ‘working out’, being honest, making a difference, having fun and freedom and being a rebel, but one WITH a cause.

AND it's more.

·        It’s commitment.

·        It's taking themselves, their work, their strengths all a little more seriously.

·        Because in Stepping Up they are owning their expertise.

·        Showing up consistently – as them.

A magic combo giving confidence to their audience, their clients and themselves.

Like in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Imagine this. By a fast-freezing lake, when an evil, cold, floating, black cloaked deadish thing that is a Dementor tries to kill a teenaged Harry and his godfather Sirius Black. Suddenly, a powerful wizard (possibly his father returned from the dead?) saw it off with a Patronus spell (a bright, brilliant, pure white light fighting against the soul sucking dark shadowy creature – see image from

Harry, time-turned back half a day from the future, looked on the scene from the place the ‘powerful wizard' had cast his bright spell. Harry hesitated at first, waiting for his ‘father', or so he thought, to come and save the day. Soon it dawned on him, he – Harry – WAS the powerful wizard! In spite of his inexperience, he KNEW he could make the spell work…because he had seen himself casting the spell from the future – he had done it already.

Be more Harry! Own your ‘NOW'.

Literally – own your NOW, no need to wait…

As though your future, Stepped Up, version could turn back time to tell you, “Yep it's fine, you've done it, you were great.” Take your light into the world…




Are you ready to cast your spell?

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If the Stepping Up thought sits comfortably in your mind too – like a little seed in a newly tilled January 2022 plot of earth, as though it's been there forever, with its full potential contained in a hard casing – give that thought a little sustenance, and wash it with your light.

Cast your bright light spell on what can be a very Dark World.

Supporting you to Step Up

This is the start of my 2022 Stepping Up.

To help others to do their Stepping Up ‘thing' too.

So my question is – how do you feel about stepping up – being your best self in more than just the work aspect of your life?

To serve and to germinate the seed of possibilities?

If you love that thought, you know you can do it in your gut, you know that your future self would say, “Own it, do it, you've got this”…now, you just need a little guidance…

I can help.

From my new. evergreen Faff2Focus 90 Day Tracker Journal (Amazon top 50) for under a fiver, to working with me as your coach and mentor 1-2-1 in a bespoke program (and more in between!) for a pocket friendly price…

I am here to guide you on your own path – not to drag you down mine.

Helping you to help YOUR people – and all of us doing a bit of good in the world – that is what Stepping Up means to me!

Book a cuppa call, or have a snitch round my world…

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