Happy New year 2022 (and why NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS and the negative marketing around them are making me SICK!!)

If I hear or watch or see or read another social post or commentator saying…

“These are the reasons you haven't got your goals in 2021 – and here’s what to do in 2022 instead….”

… I think I will scream until I’m sick – like Violet Elizabeth Bott from Just William – see BBC Sounds for Martin Jarvis’s version of Richmal Crompton’s stories.

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Image: Just William BBC Radio Collection

Most of them are very deliberate negative marketing ploys (the crappy social posts not Just William!) to get you to buy their new ‘thing’ or ‘system’…because clearly you're not to be trusted with your own goals – setting OR getting them.

Yet, following someone else's way of doing things isn’t really any good at all…because we all start from different places.

So their ‘really marvellous' roadmap is not going to work for you – unless you start with a lot of re-mapping, done by you – which means you are confused before you start, and can end up creating lots of unachievable goals or worse still do nothing at all!


It bothers me because I know from experience that having far too many goals puts you on the muddy, slippery and horrible track of spreading yourself too thin.

Even worse though is NOT having even a teeny goal or plan, created by you JUST for you. 

BECAUSE YOU END UP DOING WHAT YOU THINK YOU SHOULD, OUGHT or NEED to do instead – which clearly are not YOUR goals and make it SO much more difficult to stick to them.

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What are your goals anyway?

Those things that you really, truly desire: the ones that are wildly important (see Stephen Covey 4 Disciplines CLICK HERE FOR LINK TO ACCESS MY BOOK SHELF)

So before you start setting yourself your New Year's resolutions (because you feel you SHOULD) or stopping yourself from setting them (because you are feeling a mix between rebellious and lost) here's a few things that I'd suggest (and love!) you to think about.

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Firstly, they are your goals, not anybody else's.

And part of the reason that why we don't achieve goals is that we are too busy achieving those goals imposed on us – those that society expects of us, or our family, or our accountant, or whoever we've decided to follow.

Their goals are not your goals.

They're somebody else's, and it's almost impossible to achieve someone else's goals unless you are somehow bought into them.

Let’s put it Richmal Crompton’s way – simply swap your name for William’s in Just William: I would therefore have ‘Just Rachel’ Goals…

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Secondly, giving yourself too many priorities is unkind.

This is absolutely without question the Difficult One…we will always have conflicting priorities. We really do want to be mindful to look at things in our life from different perspectives and not just set goals in one area in life.

But you can't prioritise everything! Literally, you can only prioritise ONE THING – yet we make New year’s RESOLUTIONS (plural, not singular.)

That leads us down a very scary path where we try to achieve all of them, all at once, yet we only have so much willpower. Then beat ourselves up for not achieving all of them.

So you get these first things sorted which is FANTASTIC! Well done.

You are bought into your own goal, and you're looking at prioritising…then what?

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The third step is to think about how you will create your own roadmap and avoid being dragged down someone else’s.

This is about YOU, not following someone else’s path (or worse, being dragged down behind them!). And how you will stick to your plan towards a larger goal.

Ok so I could just say make them manageable steps and set yourself small targets along the way.

Yes. Breaking down larger goals into steps is one part of the process but also thinking about how you will acknowledge reaching those small steps, crossing those lines in the sand.

Because without acknowledging and celebrating those smaller successes along the way to a larger goal, our brain gets bored and decides that actually it's not worth going for that bigger thing, the larger goal, because there is no reward.

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No, I'm not going to tell you these are the mistakes that you're making, now here’s the one solution you need and it’s ONLY £999 (or even £9999!)

I'm not going to give you a whole set of instructions or a manual.

Put simply, there is NO catch-all system to make this goal setting and planning thing work for you.

The truth according to Rachel!

·        The New Year is just a date.

·        Goals are just goals.

·        Plans are just plans.

·        Accountability is just accountability.

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What – no help from Rachel?

I do have something up my sleeve.

I'm going to be doing things a little bit differently for a small group of people in 2022.

And it's going to be helping this lovely group (all online and NOT on Facebook!) go from Faff to Focus in 90 days.

It's called Faff2Focus//90 – doing exactly what it says on the tin, which is very like me.

There's no sales pitch.

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There's a bit of blurb and you can book a place. Seek it out here.

I'll be talking more about it in the next 10 days because that's when we're starting – on the 10th of January.

That is the only deadline you may like to think about.

In brief, you don't have to have a goal right now because I'll help you create that for yourself.

It doesn't have to be a business goal because I'm going to be helping this group through four pillars of life we commonly use for goal setting and look at YOU and YOUR priorities over just 90 days. And then through a rhythm of accountability, in our group we're going to help you have weekly touch points in a Zoom Room to reach for your lead goals (more about this later) in little steps.

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If that sounds like something you'd love, please take a look and see what you think.

JUST £99 (I have seen this type of Master Mind at £999 and even much, much more.)

At £99, it's worth a look, isn’t it?Isn’t it time to make the new year more about JUST YOU?

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