How to get a massive 1,856,000% increase in eyes on your articles in just one day with Linked In Newsletters

Organic marketing just got interesting on Linked In.

Last blog, I told you about How to get 350 new subscribers in under 24 hours with Linked In Newsletters (part 1)

You may be amazed to know that I have had at least one sale of my new FAFF2FOCUS//90 Group Program starting in January from this newsletter (which comes under the umbrella of a Linked In article).

This is what I can 100% track back as I had done literally no other marketing and even in the newsletter it was very low key. (Also I know from insights on my other media that people are looking around my world.)

Yes, that successful easy sale was soft touch and happened in under a day plus another potential high ticket client booked a call with me totally out of the blue.

All this without a massive sales funnel or paid for advertising – nothing more than the wonder that is the Linked In Newsletter.

Even more amazing are the subscriber numbers and eyes on my article

Now, in just a week, I have almost 700 subscribers from that first newsletter – by the way I call the series Faff Free Friday and have some great graphics I created in the free option of the design site Canva – more on the marketing bits I did have control over in another blog…

Remember – I did nothing to get these other than publish – LI do the rest!

So on to today's Newsletter – Faff Free Friday #2 – The Panic/(Difficult 2nd) Issue. That was published at 0900 UK time.

All my subscribers signed up over the past 6 1/2 days received an InMail (nothing for me to do, all automatic in LI) and already, just 6 hours later I have 290 views of my article – in a quarter of a day!

I have done a rough calculation…

Based on 45 views over the last two years for a previous article (and the highest I ever had in spite of 7200 connections!) to get 290 views in only a quarter of a day is a huge 1,856,000% increase!!

How can you do this too?

Take a look at Linked In's own advice on access – basically, you must first have creator mode.

That in itself has been controversial but given the massive impact of newsletters, I think it is a good enough reason in itself for applying for creator mode. Though this is still being rolled out so may not be currently available – check back with Linked In regularly.

So I will come back to how to get launch your newsletter in a future blog, but for now the figures speak for themselves.

If you are in any doubt about using Linked In newsletters, think again.

It is important to me that I only recommend products that I actually use – so some of the links you click on are affiliates -that means if you buy something I might earn a few pennies towards keeping this blog free for you and future readers – and it costs you nothing extra.

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    • Rachel Bentley says:

      Great question Cathy – there may be but it is worth asking – the LI elves are pretty good at getting back to people…also they now allow shares out of Linked In to Facebook and Twitter once the article is published – click and it opens the other app…

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