How to get 350 new subscribers in under 24 hours with Linked In Newsletters

How to get 350 new subscribers in under 24 hours with Linked In Newsletters (part 1)

Do you have a Linked In Newsletter?

Or do you think, nah, can't be bothered…

What if you made an amazing value of sales from your first newsletter on Linked In? 

Someone in my world did that recently and it wasn't even planned that way.

So when I was mulling over the Linked In newsletter as a highly successful marketing hack it was like BINGO, a light bulb moment – I started to truly see the beauty of this Linked In newsletter malarkey. Here I am at launch on 10 December (A really interesting date actually – I must tell you about that later!)

Because the first one you publish – everyone you are connected with gets an invite. And they get to subscribe (or not) and mostly will have a quick look. After 24 hours I have 350 subscribers. 

That is a heck of a subscribe rate compared with ‘normal' organic marketing. 

And I will tell you WHY that can get YOU new business TOO and HOW that works in the next instalment…SUBSCRIBE TO MY BLOG SO YOU GET IT SENT TO YOUR INBOX.

Meanwhile, take a look at my fresh Faff Free Friday newsletter on Linked In (and hopefully subscribe) HERE 

And my new, out today, rather gorgeous and revolutionary ‘thing' gets a mention in my LINKED IN newsletter – and here's a link for quick access.

Get in touch to tell me your thoughts or to discuss your own marketing planning – do you have a plan for life, for business? 

Do you use it (and would you like to find out how to hack the whole process if not!?) comment or go to contact and let's discuss it.

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