Why NOT to get fixed and what to do instead

Let's FIX you!!

That is essentially what happens when you sign up with a program or for a system – or even when you take a personality test. It is all about being fixed.

You read the sales pitch and the subtext is:

• Let's ASSUME you're missing something, or have something we do NOT desire in you, or are BROKEN.

• Let's IMPROVE you and get those WEAKNESSES riddled out of you.


<<<Imagine now if you will, the Kevin McAllister/Macaulay Culkin screaming face in Home Alone franchise>>>

What if you do not need fixing?

What if you simply need to BE YOU.

What if you could learn to build on your STRENGTHS rather than concentrate on ‘fixing' you!?

This then leads to another question…how do you know what your strengths are?

A simple pen and paper exercise where you are as honest with yourself as possible (and probably un-British!) or ask a friend?

Or I can point you to a really great free tool I use.

Get in touch and I will explain more.

Incidentally after working with me to build on strengths people have experienced humbling realisations:

I am now NOT thinking about what other people might value and trying to make myself fit that mould.

I am now recognising that my strengths really are unique to me.


I can just shine from the position I already inhabit.

If you'd love to shine right now, get in touch.

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