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How I Learnt Simple Strategies to Get Goals (2021)

I am often complimented on how organised I am.

In the back of my mind, though, I knew the truth.

I'm a daydreamer & my work is scruffy – at least that was what I was told at school.

With my family diagnosed, I think dyslexia and dyspraxia are most likely the answer.

Whereas I fought for my kids to get help (and still do) no one thought about helping me.

Apart from the scolding.

Yet, I am grateful – you read that right.

Because NOT being helped, I helped myself.

I invented ways to make it work FOR ME: NOT to please others (I was secretly rebelling because I knew how to play the game – how to win the race with the minimum of effort.)

I created a strategy at 8 years old.

My handwriting was AWFUL.

Mirror writing, jumbled letters, slow and cramped – with page corners turning up like curled ribbons with the effort. In pencil – I could not be trusted with a pen.

I set my goals.

They wanted fast, neat, ink pen writing. I taught myself from handwriting books my mum had tried on me in the past. I grabbed them and hesitantly created wobbly reproductions of the cursive flowing writing – every day, until I developed my own neat and distinctive style – with the minimum of fuss to get the words down as quickly as possible.

To pass my 11 plus – to go to the school I dreamt of – I had to get into the A stream (yep that was a ‘thing’) to get the additional tuition – I did it! Lots of effort, ‘A' streamer in year 2 juniors and thereafter – top of class, I'd played the game.

Model pupil – apparently lol!

And I used my strategies ever since. Still in my head all these 40 odd years later I still do my ‘thing’ to get the ‘thing’ I want…just enough effort.

I became a Marketing Strategy Manager. Since, I've used that strategising skill to help hundreds of others.

I now share my goal setting and getting techniques to help people build THEIR dreams, their businesses.

It doesn’t have to be perfect – it just has to be DONE – it just has to be YOU.

PS I got my 11 plus and did go to my lovely Girls' Grammar school

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