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5 Benefits to Your Business of Stretching Your Comfort Zone in 2021

When you have run a business for a few years (or moved from corporate into your own solo enterprise) you bring old habits into your business strategies over and over again

…and as the saying goes, do the same thing, get the same results.

That is fine, if the results are great and you are growing and scaling your business just as you really would like to.

However I see so very often that professional business owners, instead, fall into the same old mistakes over and over and then wonder why nothing seems to improve.

In 2021 we don't want to get stuck in the problem. New people are starting out, creating alternatives to what we offer – we cannot afford to stand still.

But how about suddenly being required to take risks in our business at a time of global crisis, that just isn't possible, I hear you say?

I would argue that it is your idea of what risk looks like which may be holding you back, and that there are ways to mitigate real risks. And to reframe the definition of risk which is more about mindset change, STRETCHING that comfort zone, rather than there being an actual a real threat to you or your business.

5 Benefits of Stretching Your Comfort Zone

I would love you to look at this word


A challenge we relish taking part in is exciting. We can understand that after it we will have gained a new perspective, a new skill.

We know we can COPE with it deep in our heart.

That is all that stretching your comfort zone is…agreeing to take on a small challenge…

Please look at this word again, in a different way…


Now, simply remove {lle} and see what you gain…


My way of thinking is that change comes from a challenge – and to stretch our comfort zone is part of taking on a challenge – though be aware that too larger step into the unknown can lead to more than stretch – it may lead to STRESS and that is one to avoid…tread carefully!

Here's what the BENEFITS of STRETCHING your COMFORT ZONE can do for you and your business in 2021.

1 Prevent Procrastination

Struggling to make that change leads to procrastination – which literally is stealing cash from your pocket! Whilst the pandemic leveled the playing field, some business leaders in your sector grasped the opportunity, took a leap into the unknown and launched new services to meet new needs in a time of crisis.

We are now hearing how businesses doubled, tripled or more their profit. That growth itself can lead to new problems! But would you rather sit thinking there's more but never do ANYTHING about it or risk getting more, then adapting to the new numbers once they happen?

I launched my group program with no course content written, I still sold out my seats – with virtually not a penny spent BEFORE I grew my own income from this launch.

Wnat to know more? I appeared on a guest podcast with MemberVault (which hosts my courses) to explain how I did it.

2 Stuff Imposter Syndrome

Do you remember that famous line from Dirty Dancing – when Jonny says “Nobody puts Baby in the corner.” (btw Patrick Swayze hated that line it turns out!) I want to claim that line for YOU!

When you are at your most Imposter Syndromesque, when you simply think, what am I doing here, noone is going to believe I can do this!!

Take that line and switch it – Nobody puts ME in the corner.

Stuff Imposter Syndrome!

You have as much right as the next coach, consultant or whatever your sector is, to have a voice, to use your expertise, to take that step and make ripples about what you are doing – it is time to reclaim your place as the expert.

3 Innovate and Invent

“Necessity is the mother of invention” is a well-known proverb which is telling us that where there is great need, new innovation will happen.

If you truly want to get to the nitty gritty of this, what are you passionate about? What change do YOU want to make in the world RIGHT NOW? What difference to your family (and yourself), your audience, your clients, your community and further afield?

Get clarity on your WHY and your GOALS TODAY and it will help you start out on what SERVICES you offer now and what you CAN CHANGE to truly serve your own needs and more importantly FOCUS ON THE NEEDS OF YOUR CLIENTS.

This is a BIG PART of the work I do with clients in my own business. Help in getting really clear and focused, launching, learning and doing it all again even better. Growing and Scaling.

4 Kick Out Frustration

Doing the same old same old is VERY unlikely to be thrilling and exhilarating. Maybe that suits you?

Or maybe you get more and more frustrated everyday with the habitual stuff you do – quite frankly it can be boring, unfulfilling and leave you feeling empty with a chip on your shoulder that it isn't fair the amount of effort you put in for little reward.

Think of yourself forever stuck in this cycle but surrounded by a moat with a set of stepping stones and a drawbridge guarded by a dragon.

You won't cross it because of the dragon – not many would.

But what is stopping you from using the stepping stones? What are the reasons someone might now use those stepping stones…..list out 10 right now in the next 30-60 seconds…(you can't invent more monsters btw and the dragon is stuck on the bridge! It is a normal moat!)…GO!

Done? Great…

Now, next to those – flip those reasons why they might NOT use them into either how they can get around that problem OR if you were scraping the bottom of the barrell for a good reason NOT to use the stepping stones, scratch it out…another minute or two on this…

So this fast exercise – what is it about…?

For many, they just see danger….

…the stones are uneven so they are dangerous, they are slippy, I might fall in, there's someone coming in the opposite direction and they might fight me…

We see danger perhaps where danger does not exist?

Let's reframe those….

The stones are uneven…so go one step at a time and slowly – literally take your time and be mindful of the dangers – you will still get over to the other side.

If they are slippy… put on really good shoes with a decent grip, wear a floatation jacket, ask a friendly person to give you a hand, or to be ready in case you slip and fall in – with a rowing boat perhaps! Mitigate the risk if the worse were to happen.

And that person at the other side…they may be thinking EXACTLY the same thing, or not! So communicate, negotiate, collaborate – they may simply have been coming over to help you or chat to you, they may know a NEW and better way to share with them and not be there to fight or attack you. Talking with them could add benefits and scope to your business.

Challenge your comfort zone with stepping stones in YOUR business life…

5 Review and Reward

Once you add a small challenge into your business life and complete it, make sure you take time out to review how it went and take the WINS forward into the next iteration of what you have achieved. Keep constantly improving and challenging – that is how we make change remember.

Reward yourself and those around you who have joined you in the challenge. This is the bit many business leaders forget – when we take PLEASURE in our challenges, it makes us want to do MORE, we seek out the thing which gives us that HIT…

Just Do It #JDI

Isn't it time for you to make change from a challenge, to take that leap of faith?

What small step outside your comfort zone will you take in your business in 2021?

Let me know below.

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