Are you following your dreams, or someone else’s?

We can plod through life living SOMEONE ELSE’S DREAM.

Or working for SOMEONE ELSE’S GOAL.

Did you fall into a career that wasn’t really YOU to please someone or put food on the table?

Are you still doing that today in your work or in your business?

Finding your work is uninteresting and stressful?
Working with unaligned clients (some who aren't that nice)?
Stuck where you are because you can’t face the investment in time, money and energy to change things, or you've no idea where to start?

I followed society's expectations and my family’s dreams for most of my younger life. I found myself doing it with employers too. Not any more.

Working for ME is hard but it feels like freedom, permission to be myself.

Being me, working with my strengths and finding my passion and how I could pass on my knowledge and lived experience to others, I was not just freeing myself I was also freeing them so they could pass on their own expertise to others too.

You can do the same by Just Being YOU

Don’t throw away your own wishes and dreams when you’ve found them. Follow them.

Make your goal YOUR goal.

If you need help to believe in yourself, to find an answer, look for someone to guide you, to walk with you ON YOUR path – not THEIRS.

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