Accept your place as the expert

Accept your place as the expert.

In my 20s a friend and I took a day long course on setting up a new business. It was good, nuts and bolts sort of stuff.

Someone there struggled with it – an older lady who thought it would tell her WHAT business to start.

The tutor was very good, and tried to coach her to think about her experience. She wasn’t having it – politely she left at the break.

It stuck with me after all this time, not because she left, or because she wanted someone to give her a business idea, but because I remember thinking, she WOULD have had such a lot of life experience, unless she had lived her decades in a vacuum.

What was stopping her developing an interest, hobby, a room in her home, a skill as a mother she had developed or learnt as an employee?

Was her self-doubt a lack of confidence? A loss of passion?

As I get older I find my own hope of something good happening in the future ISN'T always shared with my contemporaries.

Is it something we lose as we go through life, or never have the support to grow when we are younger? Or both?

That self confidence in accepting that we are an expert…in SOMETHING.

Something we have a passion for, that we can share.

Do you accept your place as the expert?

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