We are a segment of one

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There is no-one like you.

In my case – absolutely no one! Not just because of my ‘me-ness’, but because I am an only child.

Maybe that’s why I became able to ‘clone’ myself into different groups.

Perhaps more like a chameleon, changing to ‘fit’ what was expected so I could be one of the ‘gang’.

I say gang, more like a giggling group of girls – or even sometimes the super cool ones that sullenly stare from beneath a fringe – I can so do that too!

Did you know that even a genetically identical clone – or twin – will NEVER have exactly the same finger prints. (Ref QI Elves BBC Radio 2 Zoe Ball Breakfast Show 21/4/21)

There LITERALLY is no-one like you.

Your likes, dislikes, values, tastes, look – just the way you TICK – is unique to you. Similar to others, maybe, but not the same.

In marketing terms, we are a segment of one.

Why did I spend time trying to be like other people?

As an only child I was very happy with my own company – but it wasn’t living up to social expectations and part of me realised I did need the company of others. I still sometimes struggle with being totally ‘me' around others and even at the lowest anxiety point, I am known to slip into slightly taking on other peoples’ accents as we chat – to the horror of my kids (and myself!)

I wish I knew then that I am (and was) actually ok being me.

And if I just stopped being someone else, stayed in my own lane, I would attract other people to me anyway.

Isn’t that a waste of time and energy? Trying to fit in someone else’s skin?

Walk your own walk.

Talk your own talk.

Be perfectly imperfect.

Be you.

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