Did you forget YOURSELF in lockdown?

Did you forget YOURSELF in lockdown?

# You've so much on your plate in lockdown, you lost your mojo for your business
# You've lost focus with the constant juggling of a million priorities
# You've forgotten your own needs in the process

? Like finding time for you
? Like setting heartfelt goals which truly mean something to YOU
? Like crafting action plans which give you motivation, accountability & which you'll stick to
? Like being ready to come out of lockdown & resurrect your business

Since when did you come so low down in the priority list? That was never the plan, was it, in the great unfolding map of your life?

The truth is, you are important (not just to your immediate family!)

YOU are your business
YOU are helping others by serving
YOU are creating sustainable income so you can keep on helping your clients, your community & your loved ones too

You're stuck behind a wall of SHOULDs or OUGHTs, trying to be perfect, instead of getting out there, imperfect but serving the world.

I get it.

I have had many crises, things I'd no control over: family, economic, health with 3 businesses, voluntary roles & all the usual responsibilities. It's tough to hold on to YOU & do the RIGHT things for YOUR business when the world is on your shoulders.

Ring a bell?

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