It’s Time To Get Back In Control For 2021

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Solo service providers and entrepreneurs – get out from under the duvet and boot out 2020 in style!

IT IS TIME! to get your plans for 2021 Superboosted with this amazing and unique supported virtual planning day. Taking you from overwhelmed by this year’s unpredictable pandemic to getting back on top of those things you really CAN CONTROL in your business through easy to build and follow strategies and plans, and allowing you to grow profitably for months and years to come.

My Superboost Your Strategy 1-Day Virtual Workshop is on 3 December (0930 GMT to 1600 GMT) and you are INVITED! No matter what your level of experience or expertise, join my virtual workshop on Thursday 3 December where you will receive the gift of time and space (and a pukka strategist on hand!) to set the ball rolling on your strategy creation for 2021.

This year has been certain proof that nothing is certain! Loads of stuff happens we can’t change.

However with a bit of careful planning about the things we CAN control, I can help you look with fresh eyes at the months and year(s) ahead.

What you get in this one day only virtual workshop

  • Micro course to follow on the day IF YOU NEED EXTRA IDEAS…hosted in my private MemberVault Courses Site…includes planning template, hacks, hints and a fresh perspective on building a simple, doable strategy.
  • Three live ‘events’ during the day (Zoom) where we get together to set the vibe for the day and you’ll meet everyone in the workshop and receive pointers from me (with some gentle accountability along the way).
  • Exclusive virtual co-working space hosted in my Zoom Room (totally up to you if you use it…not compulsory) for shared experience with like-minded people and to gain access to my wonderfully supportive morning and afternoon ‘surgeries’ where I will be available to give you a helping hand 121.


I am Rachel Bentley, the Small Business Marketing Coach.

With 33 yrs experience of business, marketing and sales, including a corporate career as a pukka marketing strategist, I have created strategies and plans for my own businesses and helped hundreds of other small business owners do the same for theirs too.

This workshop brings the best of my experience to you to help you get in control of the things you CAN influence in your own business and learn about contingency planning to help you through the peaks and troughs the business environment is throwing at us.

We will look at a 90 day, one year and five year plan (your choice to use whatever timescale you like).


To help keep you moving forward, how about money off working with me?

Purchase your place in my 3 December 2020 strategy workshop and I will reveal a coupon for the FULL VALUE OF THIS WORKSHOP you can spend towards the Launch and Learn Academy program which opens again in JANUARY 2021 (plus I will be holding the price at 2020 rates).

What people are saying:

A selection of nice things!

🙂 Rachel’s no-nonsense approach to marketing makes her training really easy to understand and follow.

🙂 [I] found her approach to be professional, informative yet very easy to follow. She’s incredibly personable and really is passionate about her client’s success.

🙂 Being in business by yourself and for yourself is not easy, so to have somebody like Rachel genuinely interested in you making a success of it … that’s huge!

🙂 Rachel provides real, actionable insights which have clearly originated from experience.

So you’re really busy and don’t think you can set aside a whole day?

First off – you really could do with setting that time aside to work ON your business (not just be running around like a headless chicken working in it with no direction!!)

Second, it is up to you how much time you spend with me, even a couple of the live webinars and the micro course will help you get to grips with planning ahead and seeing over horizons – and ultimately helping you to build the business you and your family deserve.

You ARE going to get WINS from this day – and you ARE WORTH IT

  • If all this did for you was to get your head back in the game…wouldn’t it be worth it?
  • If you came out of the day with a straightforward plan to boost your energy and motivation…wouldn’t it be worth it?
  • If you beat the 2020 blues and went into 2021 smashing your targets and breaking through into the profitable business you dream of…wouldn’t THAT BE WORTH IT??

To get these wins and many more, all it will cost you is £27 and part of a day in December…and that’s worth doing, isn’t it?
Sign up RIGHT NOW as numbers are strictly limited and you DO want to be part of it don’t you?

I would LOVE to have you with me…I will close the bookings as soon as I hit the numbers limit just so you know.

See my courses site using link below to book or for more info.

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