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Are you NOT planning ahead in your business for 2021 because you think there is too much work involved?

If I told you that you are not alone, would that surprise you? Probably not!

There are a few things going on here. The perennial one is…you don't know how.

No one ever showed you how so this planning ahead in your business schtick is tough isn't it?

And then you're too run ragged to chase down that ‘perfect' technique when you've factored in life – especially now!

And yes, when things have gone well in the past you've just done more of doing more of the same, but you're struggling now with Biblical level problems around us.

And given it is week 2 and a bit of lockdown 2 and a bit (if you count the tiered approach just preceding L/D 2.0) not surprisingly there's a rise in comments about energy levels being severely compromised amongst my connections who are in business ‘solo'.

Leading me on to number 3 in my list of current non-planning ahead in your business woes: being a lonleypreneur.

When you need motivation/guidance (kick up the bum) who do you turn to? Your mum/dad/significant other – and would you EVER admit to needing a nudge to THEM!?

Here's an idea

  • Do your planning together with likeminded people.
  • Keep It Simple (SERIOUSLY!) this is the KISS Technique – use it!
  • Create follow up dates for accountability.
  • Look out for events and workshops which help support small business plan development (bear in mind in CV19 times you need to go virtual – these can be a bit trickier to find – I am running one soon, ask for details.)

What tips do you have to add to my starter list above to nail planning ahead in your business? Let me know in the comments below.

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