Why I don’t do it anymore!

Have you changed or dropped a service?

Hands Up! I have…

I offered a program in the past which I don't now and here's what happened.

Last summer I launched the She's SO Marketable Program & filled out my diary in days.

Two things:

1 – I didn't faff. My coach expected me to launch between fortnightly sessions – so I did exactly that.

2 – I try to launch lean, a minimum viable service, BETA price NOT FREE. Very important that one – people need to be invested to get something out of a coaching session AND my coach said she wanted me to start making money as soon as possible, so I had to charge and just pay for essentials like insurance.

What did I gain?

  • Social proof (testimonials)
  • Lots of info about what my potential clients needed to solve
  • Ideas of how I could help
  • The bones of my Exec Coaching programs.

What's the strategy?

To launch it, get it out there, stop faffing making things pretty/perfect, just get it done and make sales.

Then learn and refocus TOWARDS a better program (BETTER FOR THE CUSTOMER AND for me/you too.)

And that happened to the She's SO Marketable Program. I realised that I didn't want to only work with one gender and so it is now You're SO Marketable.

What have you learned from launching something?

Curious about what I limited my total number of 121 programs to – grab a look here. (There's more about my programs and my ebook in my course host over on MemberVault too.)

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