Three simple things to get your business life back in control in Lockdown Lite

Many solo business owners are stretched now, so even though it's a GREAT time to get back to business, they're struggling.

# They're overwhelmed with how to structure a marketing plan. So much to offer to so many people but not enough time, where to start!?
# They're not sure a new or even an updated service will sell well so they don't give 100% to getting it out there – what is the point?
# They're exhausted just at the thought of working out the tech bits (and the expense, don't get me started!)

Yet I know this can be different.

It's a combination of eating that frog & an elephant!
Get those things into the diary you are avoiding doing & chop everything else down to size so it is manageable.

Keep it simple – here are three marketing ideas that could help immediately:
1 Use a 1 page simple marketing action plan like the one I offer in my free challenge group (sign up to the next one here). Limit your space, limit your activities: just one thing to one segment of potential purchasers at a time.
2 Plan to Launch a tight minimum viable service – test it but as a paid for option – announce a date for the launch in the not too distant future because a deadline gets your mind just that little bit more focused and helps with motivation.
3 Use quick, simple & free apps to help support your Launch – see what works and what doesn't, refine it, before investing in paid for options like a website, SEO or social media services.

I call it Launch Learn Rinse Repeat. So what could you get launched really quickly right now?

I offer loads of resources to help struggling solopreneurs from free mentored groups and an ebook to my marketing and sales academy and Executive Coaching, so subscribe to the blog here to make sure you are always the first to know when I post.

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