How to Crisis Proof Your Marketing

Confidence Boosting Coaching for Working Women

You are a small business owner juggling family life with protecting your precious, hard won small business in this new reality that is lockdown.

❓ Do you feel you need support during this challenging time?
❓ Would it help to share the burden with others in your situation?
❓ Is it time to take back CONTROL to protect and grow your business, your income and your family life?

I would love to help you survive this difficult time AND to come out of it STRONGER – both you AND your small business.

I have put my expertise and experience to good use to help small business owners through an inspirational, unique boardroom-style group mentoring program to give you the chance to grow in a supported & supportive group of likeminded small business people.

It will offer 12 weeks of targeted group mentoring and then lifetime access to the group going forward:
You will get hands on experience of:
✳️ Fast and effective solutions to consolidate your business, to pivot and relaunch through EXCLUSIVE techniques I used in my own business to launch online programs in as little as one day.
✳️ Marketing techniques from big business rewritten specifically for small business to help you recover from times of crisis but more importantly to understand how to PRO-ACT in your business.
✳️ Sales coaching from a totally new perspective so you PULL your perfect clients to you without having to use distasteful ‘salesy' tactics – completely releasing you from the fear of selling, forever.

✅ Access is only via a free 15 minute call to discuss your needs and evaluate if the program will suit you. Book your discovery call today.

💬 Why me?

I’ve been a business trainer, coach & mentor alongside being a successful business woman for 32 years.

My thing is mindset & motivation, so coupled with the laser focused, organised marketing techniques I will teach you, it provides a powerful combination to supercharge your business to escape from lockdown

A coach, mentor, senior marketing strategist, business woman, sales trainer, publisher, award winning editor, writer (specialising in small business), multiple entrepreneur, volunteer and mum – I have a deep empathy and understanding of your daily stresses, coupled with the ability to concisely explain strategies and tactics of business development, I show how you can reduce or eliminate problems to allow you to get leads and convert them to paying clients.

It is £997 for full upfront payment, £350 per month otherwise (if you think you'd like to join but need to pay over a longer period I will consider options with you, just reach out to me to discuss)

Contact me to arrange your discovery call – just 15 minutes between you and the focused, organised marketing and sales knowledge you need. What is stopping you?

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