How giving is the gift which keeps on giving!

Today is the final day of this week's mentoring program, helping 99 small business people from all over the UK (in fact, all over the world) protect and grow their business even in the time of crisis with my 5 day challenge.

I have had an exhilarating, exhausting and ecstatic week – it has been humbling to see how these fantastic people have wholly put themselves into the process. I am so grateful for their participation and the feedback so far has been nothing short of mindblowing.

When I set out to give this help for free just 3 weeks before launching if I had been able to help one business I would have been hugely happy – to have been given the chance to motivate and educate this group has been a privilege I will never forget.

By giving my time, my energy, my expertise and my total focus, I have been given back so much in return. New friends, new insight, new learning to improve for next time, new super supporters and, perhaps, new clients.

Shall I run this again? I think I will, with some changes – I'll take my own advice to launch, learn and launch (again). MORE INFO HERE

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