Why you don’t have to sleazy sell ever again

I've just been reading about whether small business owners are wanting to sell or market (or not) at the moment.

I am here to say….well, it's up to you.

If at the moment if you feel like reaching out and offering something within your business, a business that's pivoting to help people, there's nothing wrong with telling the world about it at all.

However…If you're reaching people cold calling that never works long term – a few sales to a teeny percentage of people and no ongoing value from that customer (or to that customer) is what you are going to get. It’s NOT good!

So at the moment it's really, especially important to do selling the right way. That's one of the things I teach, because I hate sleazy selling.

I think it's about all building relationships with people, which means you don't ever have to sleazy sell ever again.

I was really well trained by a very large and famous financial services company in the 80s and 90s. They had some of the best training which money can buy (not my money!) and I used it to build my trading area around Yorkshire from £3.5M to £6M in 18 months. It was done so quickly because I built relationships both inside and outside the organisation, and used them really well.

It was about partnership, about affiliation, and about coordination. And it was all about working together, and I think that's where we are now. So just take a moment to think about why you might be a bit silent about what you do, especially at the moment of crisis.

What is stopping you being visible?

What is making you feel less confident to do it?

Is it because it's actually a big excuse not to sell at the moment when you hate selling anyway?

I can help you help your clients or your future clients, but you do need to take action and you really can't wait any longer. It is time to get back to business. It is time to build partnerships – and share the love!

Contact me for information about programs to cure your fear of selling through great collaborative marketing techniques or to join my 5 day challenge to get visible – sign up closing soon for Corona Proof Your Marketing starts 20 04 20.

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