How to fight fear to move out of your comfort zone

Setting your true heartfelt goals means you can discover for yourself the actions which come from your goals and can change your business life forever

Rachel Bentley
Make the reason why you started so compelling you won't let anything get in the way.

I was told a few years ago that I would get over my fear of an injection in my back whilst in an MRI scanner if the pain got bad enough.

Apparently, that would be a sufficient motivator get me into a tiny MRI scanner (they are bigger these days) and have someone mess around with my spinal chord! I think what the specialist was trying to say was you can do anything if you want it enough. Though as Meat Loaf eloquently put it: But I won’t do that…

I too think that we all need a sufficient motivator to get things done against the odds. Not just putting yourself in danger or actual physical discomfort things.

I mean those things our head tell us WE CAN’T DO, or WE ARE RUBBISH AT.

Because if it is in the way of our true, heartfelt goal then nothing will stop you – even your own unhelpful thoughts.

With clients I always start with their real goal, the goal that is in their heart. Not something they think they OUGHT or SHOULD do, or someone else in their family apparently wants them to do.

Because my clients want to make changes and that may mean challenging how they do things now…and only if you know exactly, precisely and the heartfelt why these changes are needed with help from me they can really make a start on moving slightly out of the current comfort zone without being massively stretched or even stressed.

Changing mindset is ridiculousy easy – and there is little or no fear of moving WELL out of your comfort zone, so long as the goals are set right.

For the record I managed the pain in other ways by a lot of research and trial and error and finding I had something else wrong with me other than the thing they thought they were treating, so I never did have the scary injection…though if I really really needed it, I would now. I know that about myself.

If you need help in setting your true heartfelt goals so you can discover for yourself the actions which come from your goals and can change your business life forever then please get in touch.

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