Call for Small Business Owners to Crisis Proof Their Marketing

Rachel at home with her right hand girl!
Rachel at home with her right hand girl!

Rachel Bentley, the Small Business Marketing Coach, has come up with an initiative to help owner-operators of small businesses to get back to business this spring.

A 5 day free coaching to crisis proof small businesses has been set up via a special Facebook Group, Corona Proof Your Marketing.

Access to the group is via a priority sign up on the Small Business Marketing Coach website and is open until Sunday 19 for new members with the training starting April 20, 2020.

Rachel says, “It is such a hard time for small business owners, and that is why I am leaning in and offering a free group 5 day coaching totally aimed at stressed small business owners, many of who are parents juggling family life in lockdown, homeschooling and wanting to start or protect a small business during this fraught time.

“I keep being asked, should we be marketing our business? It seems all out of our control and under the duvet feels very safe right now! However I do think it is necessary for the economic future of ourselves and our families to look again at our expertise, experience and personal goals to work out a way of serving our customers and communities. This training will help achieve that.”

The training group is designed to accommodate busy people who may have family commitments at this time. It aims to help members explore learning opportunities to help get back in control and to learn new skills which even those who are furloughed are allowed to take advantage of.

Rachel continues, “Knowledge transfer is where you will find your silver lining. I encourage every small business owner to stop hiding under the duvet, take opportunities for free skilling up now and get ready for action as soon as lockdown finishes if not before – it could make a real difference to you and your family in the coming weeks.”

Corona Proof Your Marketing priority sign up is now live in readiness for the training to start on Monday April 20 2020. Please see the link for more information:

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