Scared of marketing your thing in this crisis? It’s time to get out from under the duvet…

Stop hiding under the duvet

Hey 💕 It is such a hard time isn’t it?
If you are feeling stuck, scared and not able to do anything you are soooo not alone.

I keep hearing the same thing from people stressed with juggling family life in lockdown, homeschooling and wanting to start or protect a small business during this fraught time. Some people are furloughed and the stress of not being able to take action is affecting them. And small business owners are really worried about trying to sell their experience, service or product without taking advantage of people and so are left totally confused and scared over how they are going to sell anything in the coming weeks and months.
It seems all out of our control.

So what do you have control over right now? Even if you are taking care of family stuff, there is time in the day for you to explore learning opportunities to help get you back in control, to take on learning that no one can subsequently take away from you.
This is where you will find your silver lining. And I can help…

I have 30 years strategic marketing experience with half of those setting up and growing my own small businesses. I understand where you are right now, because I am in the same position. However, I have the expertise to help having trained business growth and resilience to 1000s of small business people over that time. So it is my time to lean in, to pay it forward. And I am really excited to be able to offer something for you to help you get through the current situation.

For you I have free training on how to crisis proof, recession proof and Corona Proof Your Marketing “Is it for me?” I hear you ask…


It is for you if you are furloughed and believe starting your own business would be an alternative to returning to work, but don't see how you can do this right now

And it is for you if as a small business owner all you can see is your client base trickling away and no idea how to stop that, turn it around and actually GAIN NEW customers even in this time of crisis.

April 20 2020 could be a game changer for you. 5 Days, 5 actionable marketing ideas to immediately help you and your business.
Please come over to the priority sign up here on my website and I will get you into the new group as soon as it opens!

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