Fear of selling: Do you hate getting NOs?

Fear-less sales and marketing coaching for business owners

Do you hate trying to sell your ‘thing' in case people say NO? You're not the only one.

What if I told you many sales professionals THEMSELVES give up even after just ONE ATTEMPT at a sale – yet various studies all agree on the same thing – 4 out of 5 (80%) prospects only say YES on the FIFTH FOLLOW UP. (Kudos to MarketingDonut.)

Let's just read that again! FIVE. Yes, five follow-ups after the first sales contact until you get your yes…Pukka trained sales people, not just small business owners like you, give up after a surprisingly small number of attempts:

44% give up after one

22% give up after two

14% give up after three

12% give up after four

Leaving 8% securing the enormous 80% of those prospects who will give a huge FOUR NOs before you secure your YES.

So just one word: Persevere.

I coach professionals in their own field who are NOT sales people to make sales and marketing fear-less. If that sounds good to you, whatsapp me on 07976621496 or message me through the bot on the site, and get your sales working for you.

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