Solopreneurs could benefit from a corporate-style monthly review…and KPIs!

When you move from being employed to self employment it is easy to think everything is greener on the other side. But when you work on your own you can miss out on some of those things you really took for granted, but which were surprisingly good for your working life… 

Things like Key Performance Indicators – so you really knew what to focus on in your role and how those would feed into the common goals of the whole team. 

Plus your monthly review to set you on the right track, to see how things were going and where and when activities would need to be tweaked in the next month to meet those KPIs. And if done well, a monthly review can be a real morale boost, with a good boss always making sure you receive great feedback to go back to your desk with and help you face the month ahead with a bit of positivity. 

So why not take a leaf out of corporate life' book, even if you work for yourself and on your own?

When you work with a coach on a regular basis, this is a great way to create the same positive environment that a well delivered monthly review can achieve – to help motivate you and make sure you are focusing on working to your initial goals, or tweaking to make things work better for you and your business. 

Business coaching gives you a safe space, and some ringfenced time, away from your business to work with a critical friend to get the most out of you and out of the time you spend developing your business.

It really doesn't have to break the bank either. With technology to deliver 1-2-1 coaching sessions on videolink and using a specialist who works with small businesses you could find that ‘Executive Style' Coaching is more accessible and affordable than you may think.


Rachel Bentley, Managing Director, Small Business Marketing Coach

Rachel has over 30 years of business experience working in Blue Chips, with small businesses and as an entrepreneur. She now coaches solopreneurs and small business owners to build a better business within a structured, yet bespoke, coaching program delivered remotely to assure fantastic results at the lowest possible cost. Her flagship program, She's SO Marketable, helps working women build their business confidence through identifying and working with personal strengths. Two new programs! #1 12 week accelerator to get your idea off the ground or just to give you an amazing motivational 3 months #2 a Year of Monthly Reviews…and the Academy is COMING SOON leave your details to register to be the first to hear.

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