Women Boost your Business Confidence and find your USPs

Top 5: Finding balance in family and work life

Women Boost your Business Confidence and find your USPs

We run our businesses round our families when we work from 🏠 but what if you ‘ran’ your family life round your business?

I work with UK solopreneurs to help them grow through setting meaningful strategies and to find out how to best solve this problem in their business/family lives.

One thing which all have in common is the struggle to set time to work and time to do household chores – separately.

Everything blends and we are constantly juggling.

Top 5 Tips to put your business (and yourself!) first when you need to!

Here are some things to try to help reduce stress and improve productivity in your business and balance your home and work life.

1, write a weekly calendar giving yourself some clear time to only carry out work tasks and a separate time to only complete home related work.

2, give yourself permission to work and NOT solve the families problems during that time.

3, in the evening look ahead to the next day and set yourself 3 x things to achieve and 3 x 10 minute ‘quick wins’ (please do not do a massive TO DO LIST it really is sooo stressful!). The next evening reflect on your day – how did it go? To plan? It is ok to move something you did not achieve forward to another day, but take a look at what you did achieve in its place, or why you were sidetracked.

4, give yourself timegoals – we tend to work well to deadlines – celebrate when you’ve achieved a timegoal.

5, get a buddy to hold you to account. Or a coach! 

Get your head round your strategy – would this help you in your business?

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