Women in Business Confidence Boost

Why are working women in particular finding it so difficult to sell their personal and business USPs

Confidence Boosting Coaching for Working Women

Why might women struggle to sell themselves – and consequently struggle to sell their business services? From talking to female business professionals it seems to be grounded in a belief that it isn't ‘right' to promote our best bits, or be seen to be pushy! Do men have this issue? Yes…but doesn't it appear that it is women who struggle the most?

So isn't it time to redress the balance?

It's time to let your light shine…

Brand new confidence boosting session for working women!

Let me give you a hand. Take a look at my new women centred coaching session to help you build your self confidence through identifying your personal and business USPs.

Priced at £99 for a one to one video session using Zoom followed by a personalised report based on the session.

Hard work pays off – go for it! Link below…

Not sure? Book a 15 minute telephone call to see if coaching is right for you.

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