So you are thinking of setting up your own business? Or is it time for a career change to fit in around your lifestyle, to look after children or care for your parents?

I have worked with A LOT of people, mainly women, who have done just this. Set up a lifestyle business as young mums or midlifers, the carers amongst us. It isn't about how many ££££ you earn – it is about making a contribution whilst being present for those who need us.

Myself and my teams who have worked like this have perhaps had jobs and a number of small businesses as well as caring responsibilities.

Just a few years ago I was running a Publishing Franchise, a retail Multi Level Network Marketing business, being a Marketing Manager for a local L&D company, looking after my seriously ill father who lived an hour away and caring for my teens with some SENs plus supporting my OH who had caring responsibilities himself and a stressful job.

I am an expert at balancing real life with a career! I wish I had a ‘me' to talk to then as I did not know if I was coming or going some days!

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