Overwhelmed with running your business all alone?

Following marketing and sales ideas that just do not suit your ethos?

Compromising yourself by not showing up as the authentic YOU in your business life? 

It's Time to UNLOCK THE POWER OF YOUR MARKETING – and I can help…

Discover how together we will use CLARITY, FOCUS and DRIVE as the keys to open up your new future.


Talking to Rachel gave me the clarity and confidence to follow my intuition but also go outside of my comfort zone in a balanced and realistic way. I would definitely recommend Rachel.


Rachel has massively helped me in both goal setting and action planning for the year ahead. I would highly recommend Rachel especially if you are looking to grow.


I have a clearer direction of where I need to be and want to be and I'm looking forward to putting it all into action.


Rachel’s professional attitude, warm and compassionate character and genius mind make her an incredible person to work with, just call her now.


Don't make the mistake of thinking Rachel is just another coach. She's most definitely not! Contact Rachel. You will grow and scale. I have.

Rachel Bentley With Mug Amongst Flowers To Show Clarity of Business Purpose


The first stage of marketing your business is to get super clear on YOU as your brand and how you can use your UNIQUENESS to attract aligned clients on repeat with a plan based on YOU and YOUR path – noone else's.

Aqua and Tangerine Coloured Notebooks on Rustic Bench To Show Focus on Business Purpose


You desire consistent motivation, not overwhelm. To create and stick to a truly effective action plan to nudge the RIGHT people in your world, you will find out how to FOCUS ONLY on your true PASSION.

Rachel Bentley With Flowing Dress On Old Path To Show Drive To Business Purpose


Structure & ACCOUNTABILITY is hard when you are busy. Developing powerful yet simple strategy, through coaching and mentoring, you will gain the DRIVE without overwhelm to reach your life-changing goals.

The Small Business Marketing Coach will help you create a strong, authentic personal brand, to develop your message and to turn all that into profits.

You're feeling overwhelmed with running and marketing your business. You need clarity, focus and drive to grow profitably, ethically and organically. I can help you get super clear on YOU as your brand so that you can use your UNIQUENESS to attract aligned clients – on repeat.

Book a free 15 minute Discover More Meeting by clicking the button which takes you straight to my calendar without any obligation to work with me – let's find out if and how I can help you. And if not I will give you some pointers to help you take the next important steps in your business.

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