Grow Your Business

Growing your business to satisfy you and your family’s goals and dreams is what it’s all about, isn’t it?

How’s that going?

If you’re busy running your business around a home life it is totally understandable that some of the business boosting activities you plan to do, don’t get done.

Is this you?

  • You’re fed up because you’ve big plans but no idea where to start…
  • You never seem to have time (or energy) to promote your business because there are so many things you HAVE to do…it’s a vicious circle…
  • You hate the idea of ‘selling’ yourself or your ‘thing’ because it is soooo cheesy…ugh…

I can help…

I provide straightforward support to help you grow a profitable business. Specialising in small business marketing strategy development. I am right behind you, helping you keep to your plan, to find ways to delight your clients by anticipating their wants and needs and to make sure you stay way ahead of the competition…
All this through great value, convenient, customised, virtual mentoring sessions.

Working with me gives you your very own space to concentrate on your dreams for your business in a supportive environment. What’s stopping you? Probably a few questions!

Here’s some info to help get your head around what might be involved…or arrange for a chat and you can ask me yourself.

Find out more about what coaching might bring to your business life. Get in touch and we will chat it through.

If you need a quick fix for your ‘value proposition’ (a really targeted and specially crafted explanation of what you do and how it helps your clients) to help you get clients knocking at your door an hour 1-2-1 with me could be for you. Video chat means no dressing up (unless you want to!) and no additional cost in time or money for you. You just turn up ready for your time with me, to concentrate purely on you and your business.

And if you are more a social person and really want to work in a group, there’s an option coming VERY SOON with my boardroom style, virtual Small Business Marketing Mastermind program – if you want an amazing, immersive experience AND to learn how to put your business growth on fast forward through working smarter in it (and ON it!) find out more and sign up to the waiting list.

My Story

….at home!

Solopreneur, manager, director, parent, carer & serial volunteer, I am a professional, award winning, qualified marketer with over 30 years business experience.

I offer a business skills boost for small business owners via virtual mentoring sessions, to build strategies and action for the whole business or simply help clients to create the best marketing options for profit.

Using my 32 years’ business experience in management, strategy, marketing and sales, I help you analyse your goals, identify your customer needs and plan how to grow your business, profitably and with increased confidence.
I keep it simple, strategic – and sane!

Why work with me?

I have worked across many industries and business types – corporates, network marketing groups (MLNM), franchise, small businesses plus as a sole trader and as a company director.

A world-class sales, marketing and management training with the AVIVA group, gave me a high-flying sales and marketing career (in Yorkshire and in the City) and the opportunity to coach and mentor 100s of colleagues and clients – starting at just 19 when I was training senior staff in new customer services methods. Not only did I work in group and 1-2-1 settings, I developed award winning guides and support material for UK commercial insurance brokers to coach and train them in handling complex insurance needs across a wide range of sectors.

I was successful using strategic planning – and taught others how to best use it.

Now, I am ready to help you too.

As a trained business and marketing strategist I developed a ‘goal setting and getting’ program for myself and my teams – and this is what forms the basis of my business boosting coaching programs now available to you.

As a senior sales executive, this strategic approach helped me grow my business panel turnover from £3.5m to £6m in under two years – an increase untouched by my colleagues at that time.

What about small businesses?

Within my MLNM business, and then in my publishing franchise, I coached 100s of solopreneurs and small business owners in sales, marketing and business growth. I grew a high performing MLMN team through group and 1-2-1 coaching and mentoring, resulting in top 30 status out of 10,000 traders. As an editor and publisher I turned around the magazine business which I had taken over, using my own strategic planning methods. My USP was to offer marketing mentoring to help my clients plan how their advertising would achieve the very best results – and I was rewarded with an 80% rebooking rate.

The work life balance forms the basis of strategies I develop with clients – and is not an afterthought.

Like you I have spent many years working and developing my businesses around my family life (including volunteering for a myriad of organisations) which has definitely had its ups and downs.
So I truly understand how you, as solopreneur parent and carer, face specific issues in running your business around your home life.

It is so easy to take advantage of my many years of experience to boost your business growth. Let’s get this thing done!

What’s not to like?


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